What excites me about Elderscrolls V: Skyrim

I love RPG games. I’ve loved them back since the day they evolved from text adventures to sega rpg’s like shining force to the western action rpg’s you see today.

The Elderscrolls online

One thing I’ve always wanted in the RPG genre is a decent open world lord of the rings game but whenever someone tries to make one it becomes mmorpg or they make it linear on rails and cash in on the movies. My hopes of a wonderful homage to the works of tolkien and the ability to explore middle earth are unlikely to happen in my lifetime possibly.

The next best thing is skyrim and what a world it is, it reminds me very much of middle earth in places and theres obvious inspiration from it. My first introduction to the elderscrolls universe was oblivion and I loved it. It is like the GTA or saints row of the fantasy genre, an open world sandbox with various creatures and beautiful environments.

I love how customisable skyrim is compared to oblivion and many other sandbox games that support customisation, from scars to warpaint, choice of races, armours, and use elderscrolls gold  o buy useful weapons, magic.I love how you can make a home for your character making you feel like you are a part of the world, something that some other games lack. The fact that you can change a community’s economy by sabotaging it or by helping them with their problems.

A lot of new features such as the ability to smith, cook, mine, woodcut or hunt and sell items down to treasure hunting all make for a whole new level of immersion into the world. Races are heavily improved from early games.It seems Bethesda have taken what they have learned from oblivion, morrowind, fallout 3 and also community mods and have put together the ultimate fantasy package, it may not be my lord of the rings but it is the closest I will get.

Hopefully the construction set they will release after the games release will be the best yet and just as simple to use and that DLC will not be like Oblivions throwaway horse armour DLC.

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Elder Scrolls Gold
Elder Scrolls Gold

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How to Kill A Troll in ElderScrolls :Skyrim

As u are here reading the article ,i am sure u are interested in the fantastic game-ElderScrolls Online.So Welcome to the The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Troll guide, fellow warrior! These tips will help you kill nasty Frost Trolls or Cave Trolls, including how to counter their amazing brute strength and incredible healing powers. So the next time you spot a troll in Skyrim, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to face him and his troll gang with ease and style. So come along as I share my troll killing secrets to fight happily with less elderscrolls gold

elderscrolls skyrim
The Elder Scrolls

Know The Enemy
Trolls are some ugly mugs. They are monkey-shaped monsters with, shaggy, matted fur, lengthy arms and sharp claws. Nasty! They have razor sharp teeth that shatter your bones, and a third eye in the center of their foreheads. Some people say that the third eye can see into the future, but if you follow this guide, the only future they’ll see is their own death.

Their are two types of trolls in Skyrim: The Frost Troll which has a white coat and lives in cold climates, and the Cave Troll which has brownish fur and lives in warmer environments. If you manage to kill a troll, you can loot their corpse for troll hide and fat which can be sold for a fair amount of gold back in town, should you survive. Now that you know everything about these deadly trolls, lets learn the best way to protect yourself against their attacks.

Blocking Can Save Your Life
The key to killing a troll is speed and aggression. Unleash the fury upon troll opponents and do not let up. You must rain death and destruction upon them, and do it fast. You don’t want to do get into a prolonged fight with a troll, because trolls have the ability to heal their wounds and regain health, so he’ll keep healing while you’re running around picking flowers or whatever.

Trolls are also incredibly fast and strong for their size, as you probably learned when you died so many times at their claws. A troll likes to pound its prey into submission with powerful arm strikes and claw attacks. For this reason, I strongly recommend a shield and some good timing with the block button, however, If you feel brave enough to battle a troll without using a shield, then I recommend your character to be at a high level of parry with any weapon. Time your blocks with the troll’s attack, and don’t forget to bash him; that will stop the troll from taking a free swing at you. However, speed and aggression will only take you so far against an angry troll. There is a secret weapon that I will share with you and it’s very easy to obtain.

Fire Is The Ultimate Weapon
A Troll’s worst enemy is fire.U must burn it with fire!Fire! Fire!Become a damn arsonist with that troll .Cover it with flames and death .Every types of troll is vulnerable to fire.Use high level fire spells like Fireball or Fire Rune to do battle with a troll.Of u are unale to use fire spells,then u better have a weapon with fire damage enchantment.Rumor says that the troll’s regeneration abilities are less effective at healing burns ,but no matter the reason ,u gotta burn him down like a tenement on Devil’s Night.

Now that u know how to effectively kill any type of trolls, u are now on your way to live a wealthy and safe life in the land of Skyrim. U can find yourself some trolls now !

How to get gold in Skyrim:Our ElderScrolls 5 Money Guide

It might not seem like it when you start out, but making elder scrolls money in Skyrim is easy. There are a variety of different kinds of jobs you can work to bring you cash, but, like real life, earning an honest living can be a slow, drudgerous endeavor if you don’t know what you’re doing.

elderscrolls gold making tip
elderscrolls gold making tip

As a game,Skyrim is designed for you to be rewarded fairly for things that are fun and not grind-like,like clearing dungeons and completing quests.So everything is a little like a job.But quests are dangeriius ,and if u ,for some reason ,prefer earning an honest living over killing skeletons in undergroud caverns,here’a guide to some if skiyrim’s careers, in order of professionalism and usefulness.

Before beginning your Skyrim career, take this piece of advice: Prices in the game are adjusted based on your Speechcraft skill, which is raised through buying and selling things and speech challenges. There are a number of items and potions that help raise your scores too, including the hood that comes from the Thieves Guild and the Amulets of Dibella that seem scattered everywhere in Skyrim. Make sure you remember to suit up with high Speechcraft gear before you buy or sell anything. Also: Quaff a Potion of Glibness for better prices.

1)Farming:There are various sharecroppers and dirt farmers throughout Skyrim who will pay you for each cabbage and carrot you bring them, then point you to a field and expect you to toil like a common laborer to extract the riches of the earth. Try Farmer Pelagia at Pelagia. He pays around 6 gold a head for cabbage. This is the most you’ll get in the game for vegetables, but it is, I think you’ll agree, chump change. Like actual farm work, this is a mug’s game. The work-to-profit ratio is awful, and you’re the freakin’ Dragonborn! Do you REALLY want to spend you life digging around in the dirt for cabbages?

2)Cooking:There are a ton of animals and plants that can be killed and made into delicious dishes that can be sold to innkeepers and other merchants, as well as allowing you to enjoy low-level boosts. While cooking is alright for the beginning adventurer, it’s really not too useful later, for either cash or boosts, so don’t worry about learning to cook.

3)Woodcutting: This is another common-laborer profession – it takes no skill and delivers no benefit beyond the gold. Still, it’s fairly easy and profitable to work as a lumberjack. Hod in Riverwood will give you ten gold for two pieces of wood, and you can even use the axe that’s lying around his shop. Elderscrolls.wikia.com did the math and found that you can make about 3000 gold in a real-world hour through woodcutting. That’s okay money, but woodcutting is still way too blue-collar and repetitive for my taste, so let’s move up the class system to more dignified work.

4)Enchanting:This is the most useful profession to be in if you just want pure money. You will get rich. You will boost your skill in Enchanting. You will create very useful magical weapons and armors. But Enchanting is a little difficult to get into in the beginning. You start by basically disenchanting any magical items you don’t plan to use, breaking them down into their components and learning how the different enchantments work. You learn new enchantments and your skill goes up. Then enchant various weapons, pieces of armor and pieces of jewelry to create magic items. As your skill increases, the goods you create are worth more.

Tips & Warnings
1)If you just want money quick, don’t care at all about gameplay, and you don’t mind cheating, here are a couple of full-on exploits for unlimited gold. There’s even a free house exploit. These ‘sploits honestly seem less fun than actually playing the game, and don’t blame me if these are patched soon, so I don’t condone or recommend using them.
2)Keep in mind: Your speech skill is raised with each transaction you make, so sell items separately, always. If you’re unloading 5 daggers, sell them to the merchants one at a time for a five-fold boost in skill points.

Best Way to Obtain ElderScrolls gold from the TESO gold seller

If you are a member of ElderScrolls series fan, I am sure your best wish is to get as more The Elder Scrolls gold as you can. But most of you also feel difficult because it is not easy to get the gold since you need to work or go to school. So we want to introduce you some easy ways to obtain the TESO gold.

teso tips
TESO gold guide

Provided you are a very free man, our advice for you is to level your character as more as you can, because you can get a lot of ElderScrolls gold during the play. You can do ElderScrolls quests in the game, once finishing a quest, you will be rewarded Elderscrolls items and Elderscrolls gold. The amount will depend the difficulty of the quests.

If you do not have time to farm gold, you can choose to use illegal method to get the gold. For example, you can use bot to level your character up and get gold. But if you use this way, your account may get banned if you are found. So usually this method is not recommended.

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How to buy Elder Scrolls online gold From the Webstore

With the development of all kinds of MMO game,different kinds of game currency are in great demand .So there are webstore starting selling the game currency or other game service, and more and more players choose to buy game gold from third parties.We all know in year2014 there will be many new fantastic MMO game for gamers. Among them ,the ElderScrolls online is one of the most intererting ones which worth your try .

TESO guide
TESO gold

What is it: An MMO adaptation of the insanely popular open world fantasy RPG series, set about 1,000 years before Skyrim. While it won’t be as freewheeling as the single-player titles, the developers promise a single-shard world with lots of exploration and rich character development, as well as a strong PvP component.

Why it’s worth watching: The IP, its large fanbase, and accessibility across multiple platforms instantly catapulted ESO into “major contender” status when it was announced. With a numerical advantage for a large release, we’ll see if the game can capture and retain subscribers for the long haul.

Chances of releasing in 2014: Assured. ZeniMax has committed to an April 4th release date for computers, with consoles to follow in the summer. It will be launching subscription-only.

The ElderScrolls gold as the only game currency to better your character,it will be in great demand.Luckily u can buy it on webtore.But before buying The ElderScrolls gold online,review current prices and compare them to make sure it’s a reliable and cheap site to work with .The website elderscroll4gold.com is a good source.

Buy The Elder Scrolls gold online from a company that includes a certification of authenticity. Don’t risk purchasing gold coins through a site with a fake advertisement.many gamers have a bad experience of being scammed,so we must take care to choose a reliable site to work with . although we don’t know all of the twists and turns that we’ll travel in MMO news in 2014, I dare say it promises to be a fascinating ride.

To win at the very begainning on ElderSrolls Online

Are u reay to begin your advebture in -Tamriel- we are glad to annouce that The Elder Scrolls Online will be avaiable worldwide of PC and Mac on 4.4.2014 and for PS4 and XboX on June 2014! Are u can’t wait to adventure in game with your friends ?

teso news
teso guide

Elder Scrolls Online is a game with very high degree of freedom,wether u a re in city,or a field ,u can continue to receive a variety of tasks, your behavior in the game, will lead to a good man, or a bad guy, but in the end, you will still be able to become a hero to save the world, then which way will you choose in the game?

From my view point,Elder Scrolls Online will not like other games, you are driving to choose the way, I think the best is you can choose according to your favor, whether good or bad has nothing to do with it. I hope I can have my own personality in the game character.

It is said that the Elder Scrolls Online is set roughly 1,000 years before the events in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the coming of the Dragonborn, and just before the rise of Tiber Septim, the first Emperor of Tamriel. Three Alliances have emerged across the continent, each struggling for supremacy over the land. As these great powers battle one another for control of the Imperial City – and with it all of Tamriel – darker forces are moving to destroy the world.

The Elder Scrolls Online is the latest chapter of the award-winning franchise and will bring the legendary experience online for the first time. Whether you play with your friends or adventure alone, the game’s combat system allows you to focus on action and tactics, not the UI. Use any weapon or armor at any time and customize your abilities to play the way you want as you uncover the mysteries of Tamriel and seek heroic quests on your own terms. Explore the far reaches of Skyrim, the mysterious lands of Morrowind, the sprawling metropolis of Daggerfall and beyond. The choices you make, from the alliance you join to the battles you fight, will shape your destiny and the world of Tamriel.

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Elder Scrolls Online: Will The Crafting System Be Truly Revolutionary?

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is already considered one, if not the most, anticipated MMO coming this year but what’s truly dignifying about ZeniMax’s first creation? The Elder Scrolls franchise is not exactly known for having the best combat system around, however conjugating strong role-playing features with first-person shooter elements could mean that a very unique and enthusiastic MMORPG is incoming. But a great combat system isn’t the only key feature towards progression. To achieve the phenomenal status, a MMORPG must contemplate many other components and that’s why the ESO’s upcoming crafting system has been one of the main discussed topics

elderscrolls tips
elderscrolls tips

The crafting system will be extremely flexible and apparently revolutionary, it will allow players to create a massive variety of items and gain millions of elderscrolls gold , depending on the quantity of discovered recipes and the amount of condiments added to the creation process. Remodeling, enchanting and reconstructing items are three of the additional functions to be implemented in the crafting mechanism of Elder Scrolls gold . The whole idea seems quite original, however those elements can be already found individually in existing MMOs. In Guild Wars 2, the crafting system has a recipe discovering mechanism, where players must combine ingredients in order to discover formulas. And in Age of Wushu/Wulin, the same recipe can produce many different items; in fact, in this realm crafting is essential and is the only method to produce high tier gear. Remodeling and enchanting items are two basic features of any MMO’s crafting system, though ZeniMax pretends to introduce a new racial remodeling system, in which every race will have its own visuals.

This concept could be the designation of a complex and promising, however the information unveiled is quite general and insufficient to dictate if ESO’s crafting system will be truly unique or just a compilation of several features already existent in other MMOs. However, in a game where players have to choose if they want to become specialists or generalists, I don’t foresee an extremely arbitrary crafting system. The attributes and bonuses will, indeed, be miscellaneous but that doesn’t mean that players will be able to craft unique and customized items, if there’s any chance for any kind of exclusive gear, then it will surely be set by luck and chance, in order to establish reasonable patterns.

But isn’t the main purpose of this system to actually create new things, no matter the game or genre? That’s supposedly what happens in modern MMOs and MMORPGs at least – creating, enchanting, refining and remodeling have become prosaic features and there’s nothing new about creating distinct gear from instances or any other sort of loot. On the other hands, players should seek for progress and innovation, instead of looking forward to experience features that are everything but new.

Now, this seems like a very serious statement. Declaring that MMOs crafting systems are useless compared to the outstanding dungeon items is a complete barbarity. In most cases or some years ago this statement would be incredibly assertive, however times did change and there are several MMOs in which crafting isn’t just important, it’s essential. As I stated before, in Age of Wushu/Wulin, players are not able to obtain high tier gear without crafting.

Overall, the Elder Scrolls Online seems like a very promising title, nevertheless I don’t think that the crafting system will be revolutionary at all. In the worst case it will be a copy of Skyrim’s crafting system, however if it’s decently done it may distinct itself through the experimentation feature, which revealed great potential towards the creation of a somewhat original system. A more confident opinion would require further details about the matter and as they don’t exist yet, only predictions can be made.

How to Do the Ancient Technology Quest in Skyrim

Players can sometimes experience an unintentional glitch when embarking on the Ancient Technology mission, which can cause the waypoint marker to point towards the wrong destination. The mission can still be completed if you ignore the waypoint marker and follow the steps outlined in your journal, however. The locations of the schematics in this quest are chosen randomly and all six must be found to complete the mission fully. To access this mission, you must first complete the “A New Order” quest. Also, you will not be able to embark on this quest if you are a vampire lord.


1.Speak to Sorine Jurard in Fort Dawnguard after you have completed the “A New Order” quest. Open your journal and navigate to the “Quests” menu. Select the “Ancient Technology” quest and read the objective to discover the location of the schematic you are searching for.

2.Travel to the target location, which will be a randomly chosen bandit hideout or Dwarven ruin. Fight your way through the environment until you reach the boss level chest at the end of the level. Defeat the boss guarding the treasure and then open the chest. Pick up the “Enhanced Crossbow Schematic” and your quest log will update, telling you to return to Sorine with the TESO gold.

3.Return to Sorine with the schematic still in your inventory and talk to her to complete the quest.
Talk to Sorine again and select the “What can I do to help?” option to embark on the quest a second time. Repeat the quest a total of six times in order to fully complete the mission.

Warnings :Your quest waypoint marker may not always point to the correct location when embarking on this quest. If you are stuck, make sure you read the objective to discover the location you are meant to be searching. For example, the quest at Kagrenzel may inadvertently point to Stony Creek Cave.

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 Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls

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