How to Kill A Troll in ElderScrolls :Skyrim

As u are here reading the article ,i am sure u are interested in the fantastic game-ElderScrolls Online.So Welcome to the The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Troll guide, fellow warrior! These tips will help you kill nasty Frost Trolls or Cave Trolls, including how to counter their amazing brute strength and incredible healing powers. So the next time you spot a troll in Skyrim, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to face him and his troll gang with ease and style. So come along as I share my troll killing secrets to fight happily with less elderscrolls gold

elderscrolls skyrim
The Elder Scrolls

Know The Enemy
Trolls are some ugly mugs. They are monkey-shaped monsters with, shaggy, matted fur, lengthy arms and sharp claws. Nasty! They have razor sharp teeth that shatter your bones, and a third eye in the center of their foreheads. Some people say that the third eye can see into the future, but if you follow this guide, the only future they’ll see is their own death.

Their are two types of trolls in Skyrim: The Frost Troll which has a white coat and lives in cold climates, and the Cave Troll which has brownish fur and lives in warmer environments. If you manage to kill a troll, you can loot their corpse for troll hide and fat which can be sold for a fair amount of gold back in town, should you survive. Now that you know everything about these deadly trolls, lets learn the best way to protect yourself against their attacks.

Blocking Can Save Your Life
The key to killing a troll is speed and aggression. Unleash the fury upon troll opponents and do not let up. You must rain death and destruction upon them, and do it fast. You don’t want to do get into a prolonged fight with a troll, because trolls have the ability to heal their wounds and regain health, so he’ll keep healing while you’re running around picking flowers or whatever.

Trolls are also incredibly fast and strong for their size, as you probably learned when you died so many times at their claws. A troll likes to pound its prey into submission with powerful arm strikes and claw attacks. For this reason, I strongly recommend a shield and some good timing with the block button, however, If you feel brave enough to battle a troll without using a shield, then I recommend your character to be at a high level of parry with any weapon. Time your blocks with the troll’s attack, and don’t forget to bash him; that will stop the troll from taking a free swing at you. However, speed and aggression will only take you so far against an angry troll. There is a secret weapon that I will share with you and it’s very easy to obtain.

Fire Is The Ultimate Weapon
A Troll’s worst enemy is fire.U must burn it with fire!Fire! Fire!Become a damn arsonist with that troll .Cover it with flames and death .Every types of troll is vulnerable to fire.Use high level fire spells like Fireball or Fire Rune to do battle with a troll.Of u are unale to use fire spells,then u better have a weapon with fire damage enchantment.Rumor says that the troll’s regeneration abilities are less effective at healing burns ,but no matter the reason ,u gotta burn him down like a tenement on Devil’s Night.

Now that u know how to effectively kill any type of trolls, u are now on your way to live a wealthy and safe life in the land of Skyrim. U can find yourself some trolls now !

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