Sightline Survey Hand Cannon Guide: Destiny 2

The Sightline Survey is a newly introduced premier dueling hand cannon in Destiny 2. This weapon is designed with PvP in mind, offering excellent handling, stability, and precision for those intense Crucible matches. This guide will break down the Sightline Survey, explaining its strengths, weaknesses, and why it stands out in the current meta.

How to get:
The Sightline Survey can be obtained through high-level PvP activities such as Trials of Osiris, competitive playlist rewards, or through specific quests and events. It is recommended to buy Sightline Survey Unlock Service to obtain. This method is simpler and less time-consuming.

Basic Overview
The Sightline Survey is an Arc Precision Frame 180 RPM hand cannon that occupies the energy slot. Historically, 180 RPM hand cannons have a longer time-to-kill (TTK) in PvP due to requiring four shots to secure a kill. They also struggle with shorter range. However, these weapons excel in kill chaining, often featuring damage perks like Kill Clip, Rampage, and Adrenaline Junkie, coupled with perks like Killing Wind and Rapid Hit to enhance their kill chaining capabilities. The Sightline Survey can fit this mold but also offers options that elevate it beyond typical 180 RPM hand cannons, making it a formidable dueling weapon.

Comparing Base Stats
Let’s compare the Sightline Survey to another craftable Arc 180 hand cannon, the Posterity. At first glance, the Sightline Survey appears inferior with lower range, stability, handling, reload speed, aim assist, and worse recoil. Even the Crucible’s Survivors Epitaph has a better stat package. Based on base stats alone, the Sightline Survey seems underwhelming. However, its potential lies within its perk pool.

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Perk Breakdown
First Column Perks

  • Keep Away: Provides +10 range and +30 reload speed when enemies are not nearby, reducing bloom effects. Ideal for dueling.
  • Triple Tap: Rewards precision with extra rounds.
  • Fragile Focus: Grants +20 range while shields are intact.
  • Air Trigger: Enhances handling and aim assist.
  • Enlightened Action: Boosts damage for kill chaining.
  • To the Pain: Increases aim assist and handling as you take damage.
  • Strategist: Enhances stability after using your class ability.

Second Column Perks

  • Volt Shot: Excellent for PvE ad clearing.
  • Kill Clip: Boosts damage after a kill.
  • Opening Shot: Increases accuracy and range on the first shot.
  • Precision Instrument: Increases precision damage with consecutive precision hits.
  • Encore: Rewards precision kills with increased accuracy and stability.
  • Desperate Measures: Enhances performance in critical situations.
  • Eye of the Storm: Improves accuracy as health decreases.

Optimal Perk Combination
For crafting a dueling-centric Sightline Survey, consider Enhanced Keep Away and Precision Instrument. Enhanced Keep Away increases range and reload speed, essential for maintaining dueling advantage. Precision Instrument allows for a potential three-tap kill without needing an initial kill to activate a damage perk. This combination makes the Sightline Survey a formidable dueling weapon capable of outgunning higher RPM hand cannons in PvP.

Origin Trait: Radial Areia Transposer
This trait causes multi-kills to spawn pools of damaging fluid, adding extra utility in certain situations.

The Sightline Survey is not recommended for traditional kill chaining builds, as other 180s like Posterity perform better in that role. It’s also outclassed by other weapons in PvE ad clearing. However, its true potential lies in its dueling capabilities with the right perk combination. Crafting it with Keep Away and Precision Instrument makes it a standout choice for PvP duels, offering a unique edge in engagements.