Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Medals Guide: How to Earn and Utilize Medals

Medals play a vital role in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, as they are rare items dropped by bosses that provide a variety of powerful buffs. With the new season upon us, players are eager to learn where medals are located and how to maximize their effectiveness. If you want to defeat powerful bosses quickly, you can choose the U4GM store. The Fortnite accounts instant delivery inside can help you obtain these special medals as soon as possible. This article will introduce in detail the functions, locations and acquisition methods of medals to help you obtain them in the game. Advantage.

What is a medal
Medals are special items dropped by bosses that can give players different buffs in the game. In Chapter 5 Season 3, there are three types of medals, those of the Machinist, Circus Ringmaster Scar, and Megalo Don. These medals can help players with things like shield upgrades, unlimited ammo, and damage buffs.

Medal location

Circus Master Scar’s Medal: Located in the new location Nitrodome , by the river in the middle of the island. After defeating Scar, the ringmaster, you’ll receive his medal and the Ringmaster’s Boom Bolt mythical weapon, which can help players with shield upgrades, unlimited ammo, damage buffs, and more.

Machinist’s Medal: The Machinist is hiding in the Redline Rig POI, which is located to the left of the Brawler’s Battleground POI at the southernmost point of the map. After defeating the Mechanic, you will receive his medal and the Mechanic’s Combat Assault Rifle mythical weapon. When equipped with this medal, your shields will regenerate over time.

Megalo Don’s Medal: Located in the Brutal Beachhead area, Megalo Don is one of the hardest bosses to defeat this season. After defeating Megalo Don, you will receive his Nitro Fists mythical weapon and a medal, his medal is the most powerful power-booster in the current meta as it infuses the player (and their vehicles) with unlimited nitro .

How to get medals
To get a medal, you need to kill the boss NPC holding the medal. These bosses usually spawn at their respective points of interest, or move around the map with a convoy. Once you defeat a boss, you’ll be rewarded with its medal and possibly a mythical weapon. Note that unlike other NPCs, these bosses have powerful combat abilities and will replenish their shields frequently. Therefore, certain strategies and skills are required when defeating them.

Medals play a key role in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, providing players with important buffs. By defeating bosses, you can earn these medals and gain a huge advantage in the game. If you want to know more about medals and bosses, keep reading our article for more gameplay tips and strategies.

Explore the New Changes to the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Map

A giant sandstorm has officially collided with the Fortnite island, heralding the arrival of Chapter 5 Season 3. With the arrival of the new season, the Fortnite island map has undergone several major changes, transforming into a post-apocalyptic wasteland that has never been seen before. Not only are there a host of map changes during the season, but exciting new vehicles and revivals of classic mythical weapons are also introduced. The new season’s Battle Pass starts at 950 V-Bucks and will give players access to a new set of challenges and great rewards.If you want to save time, fortnite v-bucks top up quickly on U4GM can help you easily get the game currency you need.

With four new large-scale attractions marked on the map, and many smaller ones for players to explore, this season’s map changes feel as big as any before. Vehicle combat takes center stage, so even going from one attraction to another feels and looks completely different. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Fortnite map.

New biome: Wasteland

Not to be confused with Fallout’s wasteland, the new Fortnite wasteland is more inspired by the oily warzones featured in Mad Max and other media outlets. In this vast desert, orange sand rises under the weight of modified vehicles, ready for battle.

A brutal beachhead

In the far southwest, where the brutal beachhead serves as the Wasteland Warriors’ base of operations, you’ll find this season’s main villain, Megalodon, ready to take on any challenger. He’s not easy to deal with, so bring a friend or two, and maybe a new weapon.

Nitro Arena

Now, almost the center of the entire island is the Nitrodrome, a chaotic pit station where viewers can see car battles at the highest level. With a design inspired by Mad Max’s Thunderdome, this venue is destined to become one of the most popular landing spots this season.

Red line drilling rig

Southwest of the still-existing Brawler Battlefield, you’ll find the Mechanic hiding out in the Redline Rig. The Redline Rig is a Nitro refinery run by The Machinist of the Wasteland Warriors. The place has several giant tanks, presumably filled with nitrogen, and multiple opportunities to get one of this season’s new upgraded customizable vehicles.

All Named Locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Here is the complete list of named locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3:

  •  Rebel Habitat
  •  Luxurious lair
  •  elegant courtyard
  •  Big Glacier
  •  Repair scroll
  •  Reckless Railroad
  •  The gloomy door
  •  Hades
  •  Pleasant square
  •  Mount Olympus
  •  A battlefield for combatants
  •  Nitrodrome
  •  Red Line Drilling Rig
  •  Sandy grassland
  •  Cruel beachhead

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Best Situational Weapons for Fortnite Alpha Tournament

Fortnite is attempting something new with in-game tournaments that it is going to become operating on the regular, awarding players in-game pins following competing in specific matches through distinct times all through the week, every with their very own variable rulesets. This week we saw a test tournament, Fortnite’s “Alpha Tournament,” and like we saw when Summer time Skirmish first began, there uh…needs to be some tweaks, to be positive.

Best Situational Weapons for Fortnite Alpha Tournament

Irrespective of exactly where you land, stick towards the high ground for headshots anytime probable. Also, try lurking indoors having a shotgun or other close-range fortnite weapons for fast kills in tight spaces.

Person play style can have a large effect on how you rack up your kills, but in general, they are the top weapons to attempt to pick up inside the Alpha Tournament:

For spray and pray outdoor fighting
High rarity Assault Rifle (AR)
For outdoor fighting at medium range
Pump or Tactical Shotgun
For indoor or close-quarters fighting
Bolt action or heavy sniper rifle
Long-range headshots if your playstyle keeps you at the edges of each area

PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack Bring 3 Free Fortnite Items

Here’s a heads-up for everyone who plays Fortnite: Battle Royale on PS4 and includes a PlayStation Plus subscription: You’ll be able to download an exclusive set of in-game loot proper now for free. It is known as the Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack, and it comes with 3 in-game fortnite items you will not find anywhere else.

PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack Bring 3 Free Fortnite Items

What sort of things are we talking about? A glider, pickaxe, and skydiving trail. The glider is known as the Flappy Glider, and it sports a blue and white design, with googly eyes plus a smile forming an adorable face. The axe will be the Controller Pickaxe, which characteristics blue lightning bolts, with a pair of analog stick ornaments on leading. As for the skydiving trail, it sends PlayStation colors out of the extremities as you plummet in the bus.

Like with all Fortnite items, the products inside the pack are cosmetic only and do not influence gameplay (although the googly eyes may possibly distract your enemies extended enough for you personally to land a number of shots). It really is also crucial to note that you require a PS Plus membership to download the pack, seeing as Fortnite is among the handful of games you do not really need to have PS Plus to play on line.

You’ll be able to pick up the pack of freebies in the Fortnite PSN page, or by clicking here and adding it to your cart. This can be the third set of no cost Fortnite item for PS Plus members this year. The other two are no longer available, so you are going to need to grab this one particular sooner than later to make positive you get it in time. If you need any other items for better play fortnite, you can buy fortnite items via U4GM – professional Fortnite Game suppliers store!

Which Fortnite PvE Missions are the Fastest to finish?

You realize what they say: time is revenue. Not surprisingly, in Fortnite, you can not seriously measure time in cash, but rather in knowledge, components, and sometimes some sort of event ticket. Irrespective of how we’re measuring time, you have to go rapidly. This suggests you might want to be capable of picking out missions you may do quickly. Surprisingly to several, missions you are able to do easily does not necessarily translate into speedily. So when you are farming, delivering you gathered a farming group, which missions go the fastest?

Missions Ranked By Speed of Completion

In this mission, it can be uncomplicated to gather the BluGlo that you have to have for the bomb even though looking for the armory and the launcher. Afterward, you can make the tracks rapidly and it requires maybe a minute or two to transport the bomb. As the storm is static and does not move, it truly is super uncomplicated to create a defense, and lastly, the defense round itself is quick. Even with randoms, this mission can go immediately if there’s minimal messing about, but a complete team of like-minded people can have this carried out in about ten minutes or perhaps maybe significantly less.

Even though Ride the Lightning has two phases of defending, those two phases of defense are five to six minutes combined and also you only have one objective to defend. This is the reason it truly is preferable to a multi-Atlas Fight the Storm. 1 objective means it can be more rapidly to create around and less difficult to defend. Even so, like Deliver the Bomb, it is a mission you could start off suitable away with no waiting period if you have the Blu Glo and create efficiencies.

While multi-Atlas Fight the Storm missions are these that you could get started proper away depending on how quick you uncover the objective, the blue glow, and build around it, the situation is that the defense phase is extended and it takes a lot of supplies to defend 4 Atlases. This indicates your team may perhaps need to take the time for you to farm right after building, and it’s going to ultimately slow you down. Alternatively, if you pick out to farm single Atlas mission, it may be fairly speedy.

As you could shoot down the balloon, Retrieve the Data is usually a versatile mission. Due to the fact you only have to defend a 1 cube location, it can be super speedy to construct around it and effortless to defend. Should you will need time for you to farm, you’ve got that, considering the fact that you can not shoot the balloon down right away and also you can generally wait to accomplish so too. Nevertheless, it still remains a mission that you simply cannot begin correct away, so it is less effective on time.

So extended as no one starts the mission correct away, you can construct and collect at your leisure. As soon as you do commence it, although, it goes by reasonably swiftly giving you’ll be able to obtain the modules in a timely manner. For by far the most time efficiency, ignore SEE-bot fully and just have the whole group appear for modules. If you want to produce things go even quicker, a single particular person can create throughout the module-finding phase along with the other 3 can search. This really is among these missions that you can technically start off correct away, but since locating the modules is usually somewhat tricky at occasions, it ranks lowly.

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Develop the Radar Grids are missions that people adore or hate. You’ve got to create five towers, which with four individuals contributing requires possibly 8 minutes. However, you’re stuck inside the mission to get a hard 20 minutes. This signifies you may have plenty of time for you to farm, but for those who are wanting to speed farm missions, you will not really need to farm. This can be a single mission that you could actually stand around and be bored for ten minutes. That’s fantastic for solo players, but full farming teams will get quite fussy.

Within this mission, that you are stuck inside the mission for a hard 20 minutes, but the great thing is the fact that you are able to conveniently farm up what you will need whilst searching for survivors. As long as every person tends to make rescuing survivors a priority once they see them, then four folks can quickly do a full farming run whilst still completing the mission. However, from time to time you might have to seriously hunt for that final couple of survivors for platinum.

This mission is often hard for those who aren’t playing using a full group purely due to the fact it can be hard to save the shelter by oneself. In addition, then you definitely possess a waiting to develop period then a defending period. Neither provides you especially considerably time for you to do anything else within the mission and you are just about stuck doing a specially extended mission.

A lot of may perhaps favor the Destroy the Encampment missions mainly because it truly is about 20 minutes of just shooting points and getting offered to craft resources for the effort. Even so, the challenge is that usually, you may take the complete 20 minutes to finish all the objectives, Super Encampments included. This implies there is not a lot of time to farm and you are still stuck in there for 20 minutes of pure bullet expenditure. So even though uncomplicated, it is not required probably the most effective with regards to time and resources.