What are the professions in Dark and Darker?

Since the aunch of Dark and Darker , a query has been haunting numerous gamers: Is it possible to switch professions within the game? This conundrum particularly vexes newcomers, who must grapple with the game’s complex professional structure. However, fret not—our guide is here to illuminate. In this piece, we shall dissect the intricacies of Dark and Darker’s class mechanism and elucidate the process of altering your chosen profession.

Understanding Professions in Dark and Darker Before taking on powerful enemies and dangerous traps, you need to create your own character in the game. The good news is that Ironmace has streamlined this process, making it very quick and hassle-free. Simply find and select the “Create Character” option.

Once you do so, a character creation menu will appear on your screen. Here, you can choose your character’s profession and gender. After completing this step, input a unique name for your character, and you’re all set! You are ready to face dungeons and all challenges ahead.

Currently, there are six professions in the game. You need to understand a basic overview of each profession in order to make the best decision on which one to choose. Additionally, venturing into dungeons alone is not a good idea if forming a team, diverse skill players are needed. Below is a brief introduction of the six professions in Dark and Darker.


Entering charming world of Dark and Darker for first time? Then this profession suits you well. Warrior is a combat profession that wields swords and shields for striking but cannot cast spells.


Wanting to deal massive damage against terrifying monsters? You won’t find anything better than Barbarian then. This profession is built for combat with enhanced magic resistance and increased health points.


If mastering art of stealthy actions from shadows appeals to you then Rogue should be your choice of profession. Plan out your moves carefully as enemies won’t know what hit them but note that this comes at cost of lower health points & defense.


As name suggests Ranger is long-range profession using bows & arrows from distance delivering deadly blows against enemies; also capable tracking players & setting traps.


Wizards have ability to eliminate enemies through casting spells using magic books or staffs causing heavy damage during battles; however their defensive capabilities are poor so other players need stand up protect Wizards


Cleric serves as support profession within Dark and Darker . However do not underestimate Clerics as they possess ability heal & support other players with their skills; having Cleric within team crucially influences outcome battle victory or defeat.

Which profession is the best in Dark and Darker ?

There is no best profession in Dark and Darker , and there is no universal profession here. It depends on you and choose the one that suits you. The latest information and dark and darker buy gold will be continuously updated, which may give you some inspiration.