How to Change Positions in MLB The Show 24?

How to Change Positions in MLB The Show 24?

MLB The Show 24 offers players an immersive baseball experience, allowing them to step into the shoes of a professional player. One of the game’s most dynamic features is the ability to change positions, giving players the flexibility to tailor their career path in Road to the Show mode. Whether you’re looking to switch from outfield to infield or from pitching to batting, MLB The Show 24 provides several options to make the transition. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to change positions in the game.

Understanding Position Changes

Before diving into the process of changing positions, it’s important to understand the implications of such a move. Position changes can affect your playing time, as well as your character’s development and performance. It’s crucial to consider the current roster of your team, the overall rating (OVR) of players in the desired position, and your character’s perks and playstyle. In order to get better players, we need to prepare more mlb the show 24 stubs which can be used to buy all the game items we need.

Initiating a Position Change

Through Your Agent

Early in your career, your agent will check in to discuss your progress and satisfaction with your current situation. This is your opportunity to express the desire for a position change. Your agent will inquire about your defensive position and offensive placement in the batting order, and you can request adjustments, including a position switch.

Manager’s Assessment

Another opportunity arises when your manager evaluates your abilities. Based on your performance, they may suggest trying out different positions. After the trial, you’ll have the option to accept, reject, or suggest another position change.

Creating a New Character

If you’re determined to change positions and the above methods are not viable, you can opt for the “nuclear option” – creating a new character from scratch. This allows you to start anew with a different position but requires you to begin your career again.

Strategic Considerations

When contemplating a position change, consider the following strategic aspects:

  • Team Roster: Analyze the OVR of players currently in the position you’re interested in. If a higher-rated player occupies the spot, it may be challenging to secure a change.
  • Player Perks: Reflect on your character’s perks and whether they align with the responsibilities of the new position. For example, power perks may not be ideal for a position that prioritizes contact.
  • Position Similarity: Some positions have natural transitions, such as moving between first base and third base or between the outfield positions.

Tips for Successful Position Changes

  • Maintain Versatility: Keep your athleticism and speed up to ensure a smoother transition between positions.
  • Be Realistic: Understand the limitations based on your team’s roster and your character’s attributes.
  • Use Secondary Positions: Many MLB pros have secondary positions that can be utilized with a slight penalty to certain attributes.


Changing positions in MLB The Show 24 can be a strategic move to enhance your gaming experience. By understanding the process and considering the factors involved, you can make informed decisions that align with your career goals in the game. Whether you’re looking to explore new challenges or simply want to shake things up, MLB The Show 24 provides the flexibility to redefine your path in the world of virtual baseball.

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