How to get gold in Skyrim:Our ElderScrolls 5 Money Guide

It might not seem like it when you start out, but making elder scrolls money in Skyrim is easy. There are a variety of different kinds of jobs you can work to bring you cash, but, like real life, earning an honest living can be a slow, drudgerous endeavor if you don’t know what you’re doing.

elderscrolls gold making tip
elderscrolls gold making tip

As a game,Skyrim is designed for you to be rewarded fairly for things that are fun and not grind-like,like clearing dungeons and completing quests.So everything is a little like a job.But quests are dangeriius ,and if u ,for some reason ,prefer earning an honest living over killing skeletons in undergroud caverns,here’a guide to some if skiyrim’s careers, in order of professionalism and usefulness.

Before beginning your Skyrim career, take this piece of advice: Prices in the game are adjusted based on your Speechcraft skill, which is raised through buying and selling things and speech challenges. There are a number of items and potions that help raise your scores too, including the hood that comes from the Thieves Guild and the Amulets of Dibella that seem scattered everywhere in Skyrim. Make sure you remember to suit up with high Speechcraft gear before you buy or sell anything. Also: Quaff a Potion of Glibness for better prices.

1)Farming:There are various sharecroppers and dirt farmers throughout Skyrim who will pay you for each cabbage and carrot you bring them, then point you to a field and expect you to toil like a common laborer to extract the riches of the earth. Try Farmer Pelagia at Pelagia. He pays around 6 gold a head for cabbage. This is the most you’ll get in the game for vegetables, but it is, I think you’ll agree, chump change. Like actual farm work, this is a mug’s game. The work-to-profit ratio is awful, and you’re the freakin’ Dragonborn! Do you REALLY want to spend you life digging around in the dirt for cabbages?

2)Cooking:There are a ton of animals and plants that can be killed and made into delicious dishes that can be sold to innkeepers and other merchants, as well as allowing you to enjoy low-level boosts. While cooking is alright for the beginning adventurer, it’s really not too useful later, for either cash or boosts, so don’t worry about learning to cook.

3)Woodcutting: This is another common-laborer profession – it takes no skill and delivers no benefit beyond the gold. Still, it’s fairly easy and profitable to work as a lumberjack. Hod in Riverwood will give you ten gold for two pieces of wood, and you can even use the axe that’s lying around his shop. did the math and found that you can make about 3000 gold in a real-world hour through woodcutting. That’s okay money, but woodcutting is still way too blue-collar and repetitive for my taste, so let’s move up the class system to more dignified work.

4)Enchanting:This is the most useful profession to be in if you just want pure money. You will get rich. You will boost your skill in Enchanting. You will create very useful magical weapons and armors. But Enchanting is a little difficult to get into in the beginning. You start by basically disenchanting any magical items you don’t plan to use, breaking them down into their components and learning how the different enchantments work. You learn new enchantments and your skill goes up. Then enchant various weapons, pieces of armor and pieces of jewelry to create magic items. As your skill increases, the goods you create are worth more.

Tips & Warnings
1)If you just want money quick, don’t care at all about gameplay, and you don’t mind cheating, here are a couple of full-on exploits for unlimited gold. There’s even a free house exploit. These ‘sploits honestly seem less fun than actually playing the game, and don’t blame me if these are patched soon, so I don’t condone or recommend using them.
2)Keep in mind: Your speech skill is raised with each transaction you make, so sell items separately, always. If you’re unloading 5 daggers, sell them to the merchants one at a time for a five-fold boost in skill points.

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