How to Do the Ancient Technology Quest in Skyrim

Players can sometimes experience an unintentional glitch when embarking on the Ancient Technology mission, which can cause the waypoint marker to point towards the wrong destination. The mission can still be completed if you ignore the waypoint marker and follow the steps outlined in your journal, however. The locations of the schematics in this quest are chosen randomly and all six must be found to complete the mission fully. To access this mission, you must first complete the “A New Order” quest. Also, you will not be able to embark on this quest if you are a vampire lord.


1.Speak to Sorine Jurard in Fort Dawnguard after you have completed the “A New Order” quest. Open your journal and navigate to the “Quests” menu. Select the “Ancient Technology” quest and read the objective to discover the location of the schematic you are searching for.

2.Travel to the target location, which will be a randomly chosen bandit hideout or Dwarven ruin. Fight your way through the environment until you reach the boss level chest at the end of the level. Defeat the boss guarding the treasure and then open the chest. Pick up the “Enhanced Crossbow Schematic” and your quest log will update, telling you to return to Sorine with the TESO gold.

3.Return to Sorine with the schematic still in your inventory and talk to her to complete the quest.
Talk to Sorine again and select the “What can I do to help?” option to embark on the quest a second time. Repeat the quest a total of six times in order to fully complete the mission.

Warnings :Your quest waypoint marker may not always point to the correct location when embarking on this quest. If you are stuck, make sure you read the objective to discover the location you are meant to be searching. For example, the quest at Kagrenzel may inadvertently point to Stony Creek Cave.

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