What excites me about Elderscrolls V: Skyrim

I love RPG games. I’ve loved them back since the day they evolved from text adventures to sega rpg’s like shining force to the western action rpg’s you see today.

The Elderscrolls online

One thing I’ve always wanted in the RPG genre is a decent open world lord of the rings game but whenever someone tries to make one it becomes mmorpg or they make it linear on rails and cash in on the movies. My hopes of a wonderful homage to the works of tolkien and the ability to explore middle earth are unlikely to happen in my lifetime possibly.

The next best thing is skyrim and what a world it is, it reminds me very much of middle earth in places and theres obvious inspiration from it. My first introduction to the elderscrolls universe was oblivion and I loved it. It is like the GTA or saints row of the fantasy genre, an open world sandbox with various creatures and beautiful environments.

I love how customisable skyrim is compared to oblivion and many other sandbox games that support customisation, from scars to warpaint, choice of races, armours, and use elderscrolls gold  o buy useful weapons, magic.I love how you can make a home for your character making you feel like you are a part of the world, something that some other games lack. The fact that you can change a community’s economy by sabotaging it or by helping them with their problems.

A lot of new features such as the ability to smith, cook, mine, woodcut or hunt and sell items down to treasure hunting all make for a whole new level of immersion into the world. Races are heavily improved from early games.It seems Bethesda have taken what they have learned from oblivion, morrowind, fallout 3 and also community mods and have put together the ultimate fantasy package, it may not be my lord of the rings but it is the closest I will get.

Hopefully the construction set they will release after the games release will be the best yet and just as simple to use and that DLC will not be like Oblivions throwaway horse armour DLC.

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