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Elder Scrolls epic battle



Roman Emperor Seoul is located in the center of the continent , it became the center of three camps melee , wants to sit on the throne of rubies , one must take strategic positions around the fortress from the other camp and a large office . These locations have farms, logging camps and other useful resources , how to use these resources become the core and key outcome of war tactics .

Another key is to compete for the Elder Scrolls , the ancient artifact bears unlimited power , to be able to camp all players buff, each camp has its own Elder Scrolls are kept in special positions, it is clear that each faction must captured and sent back to their own stronghold reel to get buff, of course, the other camp will come to win your reel, which capture the flag with a number of online games and escorted back to their camp gameplay is similar.

In addition to the sword battle juxtaposition , magic for shield, or a large arena to display their skill siege weapons , these weapons of mass destruction can blow up the wall , breaking the gates, rolling hordes of soldiers. Each camp has a chance to win on the battlefield and use the trebuchet , the giant crossbow transmitters, Catapult , such as battering ram to attack or defensive stronghold.

The player is the hero of ” Elder Scrolls “

 Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls

Each ” Elder Scrolls ” games at the beginning of the protagonist will appeal to you talk about the background of “The Elder Scrolls OL” , the unnamed junior Tamriel continent you are not , you are a hero , you’ll Language ” sky ” story happened 1000 years ago, it was the hero of the times, you will 1-50 game trip recapture Molag Bal ( devil one ) stole the soul during this arduous journey you will have the opportunity to travel Tamriel throughout the continent and even into Oblivion planes (Oblivion).

The game offers three optional camps : Ebonheart Pact, Daggerfall Covenant and Aldmeri Dominion, each faction has its own main line and upgrade path , which means you can create a role in the three camps were then experience a different story. The game is a relatively high degree of completion of two career is Templar Knight and the Dragon Knight, another character creation part although not complete, but the players need not worry , because the system with other ” Elder Scrolls ” game is the same, that is, from body to color, detail from the face to speak accent, as long as you can see in other games option in the ” Elder Scrolls OL” can be found.

The Elder Scrolls world

Amriel, mainly occurred in game story.


Warren Wood, the Persian Mo home, all covered with thick tropical rain forest climate, hot and humid, rainy.
Art Mora, Nord moved to Tamriel before residence.
O Carville, inhabited by a tiger, snow magic, monkey, snake species.
Youkuda, was Ray Gaarder lives, for unknown reasons, sinking, Lei Gaarder people were forced to flee to the drop of life.
Panduoniya, Malmo (tree) living in this.
Because the story basically happens in Tamriel, so the following detailed introduce
Kuronuma Sawa, Argonians (hometown, most areas are swamps and waterways covering.
Sylo Deal, AI’s Aboriginal wizard, and builders and the White Pagoda in the capital, the first age being substituted early, later to become Sylo Deal’s hometown.
Ace Will, Hu’s hometown, the barren mountains and arid plain created severe environmental geomorphology ace will, only the southern coastal area in order to see the dense jungles and green wheat fields.
Hammer, Aboriginal abyss elves, is now a ray Gaarder’s hometown. Dry climate, most of the land is desert, mountain, plateau covering, west coast lines visible scattered trees.
Gao Yan, the Holy Spirit, the ancient wizard, Nord people had settled, is now the Brighton and orc homeland. The morning breeze, Aboriginal abyss elves (dwarf), the volcano island by Vaden Phil and inland, Vaden Phil is in the north of ash from the volcano into ashes, is the central Tamriel largest volcano – red mountains, south of arable farmland green.
The sky, snow elves and fairies native abyss (dwarf), is now Nord’s hometown. In most regions of the sky was covered with snow and ice, only the southern and southeastern regions to see large tracts of pine forest and Hua Mulin.
Summerset Isle, is the high elves’s hometown, is also the elves first landed in Tamriel establishing base areas.

Freedom of unimaginable Elder Scrolls OL featured large inventory

“The Elder Scrolls OL” is described : World “The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim ” 1000 years ago. Game, was taken away from the soul the players to find their own souls , and in order to prevent the enemy to conquer the continent , beginning adventure. Among them, the main task associated with 100 % of all single- player missions . It is the unique series of tasks in order to reflect the atmosphere . Development Director ZeniMax Online is developing “The Elder Scrolls OL” said, ” Elder swept OL” the real heroes are the players themselves . Therefore, you may need to wait for a monster refresh the player in the game to complete the main quest .


Meanwhile , both the main quest or quests , players will see when you do the task MMORPG common exclamation . “The Elder Scrolls OL” , the player received a mandate to take the initiative and through the NPC dialogue , and the need to get inspiration in the dialogue . Indeed, due to several important tasks not related revelation or inspiration rarely , in order to complete the task requires constant effort.

“The Elder Scrolls OL” the developers said , MMORPG common ” next task – to do the task – get rewarded ” mission mode in the ” Elder Scrolls OL” is also subject to change. In “The Elder Scrolls OL” , the players did not even take the task , but the rewards can be done to achieve the specified destination . For example , the release of the soul of the tasks, even if the player did not take the task , you can be rewarded in the simultaneous release of the soul .

And one of the characteristics of the series, the degree of freedom in the ” Elder Scrolls OL” is also reflected . Game, players can receive a variety of ways to solve the task . For example , do not want to do the task , or can refuse to give up. Because the player’s choice would not affect the task later.

The official declared: Elder Scrolls OL still content with single core


When “The Elder Scrolls OL” (Elder Scrolls Online) announced that the official has said that the future of the game will be added to 100% of single clearance plot. And a lot of players and game media have questioned whether these so-called SOLO game with what the story would affect . In this regard, “The Elder Scrolls OL” the main person in charge said , adding SOLO story is very necessary in the game , players will appear in the identity of the hero in the story .
Although part of the ” Elder Scrolls OL” full level content , as well as PVP content requires cooperation between team players , the game ‘s main producer Firor said that the core of the game is to single plot -based. Firor said: “We designed the game for the players the way that part of the game requires players to complete the single player as a hero in the game , will interact with Molag Bal Daedric Prince of the Kingdom , we can say , the players . this part of the play revolves around itself and will commence . ”

In addition , Firor also said , “The Elder Scrolls OL” will no longer be similar to the ” horizon ” skill system based play features, but the main reason for doing this is to have a feeling of hope that the game early , ” Elder Scrolls ” series of games . He continued: ” We wanted to do a content-based to online multiplayer games, and game content are mainly to expand this aspect of the design and the game has a lot of PVP elements , it is difficult to make a skills-based . the ” Elder Scrolls OL”. “

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The Elder Scrolls OL how to unlock? Master Locksmith teach you to open

“How to unlock”
You face a locked box , press the E key to enter the unlock interactive interface , this problem stand in front of you . In fact, many students have failed to unlock , just that they made ??a mistake unlock method only.


The unlock interface , with spring latch have five , the player will need to unlock latches depressed, and make them in a particular fixed position – this is to define a specific position of the key – using the detacher when pressed the latch , to a certain extent , the latch will begin to shake violently , and began shaking at the moment , is that a critical point in time, as long as the shaking begins at the moment of release the lock , a latch will be fixed, or else , will begin to consume violent shaking unlocking device durability , resulting in unlocking ‘s broken. So long as the five latches are successful fixed, you can complete the unlock.
How to improve the success rate of unlocking
Such a lock , as long as relying on a strong reflexes naturally Shoudaoqinlai . But I believe that not all players have the reflexes so sturdy , so here is a tip, you can greatly improve the success rate of unlocking – is officially depressed before each bolt , you can try to plug the pressure of time to observe shake point . Observed after shaking point, immediately release the lock to avoid any excessive consumption of durable , and then it only need to pressure again , shaking point latch will arrive before the pre- sentence can be let go , even if time permits, you can repeated pressure test . – But do consume the equivalent of unlocking device durability to improve their success rate.
However, this method only for the lower degree of difficulty of the lock , the lock interface as the most important factor and a time limit.

Elder Scrolls introduce the three forces of the Daggerfall Covenant

Daggerfall Covenant is one of three camps in which players can join the game , they are carried out with the other two forces and the Empire. Daggerfall Covenant camp logo is a lion , representing the color is blue , and the orcs including Brighton High Rock province , as well as drop hammer Hongwei . It is a coalition of equality and democracy advocates , and use their military strength to protect the Rijindoujin trade routes. Alliance is located in Road Town Wayrest make the supreme leadership of King Emeric and tried to recover by capturing ruby crown and the second era of stability throughout Tamriel .

In the second era – an era than before ” Elder Scrolls ” games have early , Tamriel world into a quartet war. In order to conquer the entire continent , Aboriginal Imperials Cyrodiil province and Daedric Prince Molag Bal do a deal . At the beginning of the game , players need to join in a three factions . This is not only against the Imperials three factions and Molag Bal undead legions , but also to attack the Imperial throne and each other . . “The Elder Scrolls ” to create three different league , three different philosophies , three different ways the game . That one do you choose ?
between redguards and bretons friction, game guide Matt Firor case said , “High rock of civil war and foreign wars as frequently , but in contrast here is very peaceful . Bretons in their own territory to set aside a piece of habitat orcs ground. three races mutual respect , democracy and more elsewhere than in this area .

High Rock in the northwest of Tamriel , and Hammerfell, Skyrim border. Here the land is fertile , temperate climate . Despite orcs, bretons is leading the race. High Rock is “The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall” The story takes place . Daggerfall is the capital of High Rock , and one of the oldest cities .
Hammerfell is a barren , is redguards hometown. Hammerfell city and maritime trade developed. Intra-regional pastoral situation is very bad, but because of commercial activity on the border cities already earned pours it.

“The Elder Scrolls ” official criticism against flu was that it would strengthen

Recently, “The Elder Scrolls ” chief game designer Nick Konkle in the foreign media interview, discussed about the game features, mechanisms, and other interesting content with reporters.


Reporters on several issues of concern to communities most players made ??the inquiry, and previous generations of the “Elder Scrolls” compared to why this generation of gaming operation feeling very “Gone with the Wind”? Whether the game will be added to the arena and duel function? The game will have a rare and unique devices?

Nick Konkle said game players feel bad problems raised only appear in the game early testing stage, and the production team has been working to strengthen the game against flu. In addition, the arena will not be released at the beginning of the game to add, it may be added in a later expansion pack. As for rare equipment, until after the full level players, the experience of the game content, will have access to a very unique and rare equipment.