Freedom of unimaginable Elder Scrolls OL featured large inventory

“The Elder Scrolls OL” is described : World “The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim ” 1000 years ago. Game, was taken away from the soul the players to find their own souls , and in order to prevent the enemy to conquer the continent , beginning adventure. Among them, the main task associated with 100 % of all single- player missions . It is the unique series of tasks in order to reflect the atmosphere . Development Director ZeniMax Online is developing “The Elder Scrolls OL” said, ” Elder swept OL” the real heroes are the players themselves . Therefore, you may need to wait for a monster refresh the player in the game to complete the main quest .


Meanwhile , both the main quest or quests , players will see when you do the task MMORPG common exclamation . “The Elder Scrolls OL” , the player received a mandate to take the initiative and through the NPC dialogue , and the need to get inspiration in the dialogue . Indeed, due to several important tasks not related revelation or inspiration rarely , in order to complete the task requires constant effort.

“The Elder Scrolls OL” the developers said , MMORPG common ” next task – to do the task – get rewarded ” mission mode in the ” Elder Scrolls OL” is also subject to change. In “The Elder Scrolls OL” , the players did not even take the task , but the rewards can be done to achieve the specified destination . For example , the release of the soul of the tasks, even if the player did not take the task , you can be rewarded in the simultaneous release of the soul .

And one of the characteristics of the series, the degree of freedom in the ” Elder Scrolls OL” is also reflected . Game, players can receive a variety of ways to solve the task . For example , do not want to do the task , or can refuse to give up. Because the player’s choice would not affect the task later.

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