The Elder Scrolls world

Amriel, mainly occurred in game story.


Warren Wood, the Persian Mo home, all covered with thick tropical rain forest climate, hot and humid, rainy.
Art Mora, Nord moved to Tamriel before residence.
O Carville, inhabited by a tiger, snow magic, monkey, snake species.
Youkuda, was Ray Gaarder lives, for unknown reasons, sinking, Lei Gaarder people were forced to flee to the drop of life.
Panduoniya, Malmo (tree) living in this.
Because the story basically happens in Tamriel, so the following detailed introduce
Kuronuma Sawa, Argonians (hometown, most areas are swamps and waterways covering.
Sylo Deal, AI’s Aboriginal wizard, and builders and the White Pagoda in the capital, the first age being substituted early, later to become Sylo Deal’s hometown.
Ace Will, Hu’s hometown, the barren mountains and arid plain created severe environmental geomorphology ace will, only the southern coastal area in order to see the dense jungles and green wheat fields.
Hammer, Aboriginal abyss elves, is now a ray Gaarder’s hometown. Dry climate, most of the land is desert, mountain, plateau covering, west coast lines visible scattered trees.
Gao Yan, the Holy Spirit, the ancient wizard, Nord people had settled, is now the Brighton and orc homeland. The morning breeze, Aboriginal abyss elves (dwarf), the volcano island by Vaden Phil and inland, Vaden Phil is in the north of ash from the volcano into ashes, is the central Tamriel largest volcano – red mountains, south of arable farmland green.
The sky, snow elves and fairies native abyss (dwarf), is now Nord’s hometown. In most regions of the sky was covered with snow and ice, only the southern and southeastern regions to see large tracts of pine forest and Hua Mulin.
Summerset Isle, is the high elves’s hometown, is also the elves first landed in Tamriel establishing base areas.

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