The Elder Scrolls OL how to unlock? Master Locksmith teach you to open

“How to unlock”
You face a locked box , press the E key to enter the unlock interactive interface , this problem stand in front of you . In fact, many students have failed to unlock , just that they made ??a mistake unlock method only.


The unlock interface , with spring latch have five , the player will need to unlock latches depressed, and make them in a particular fixed position – this is to define a specific position of the key – using the detacher when pressed the latch , to a certain extent , the latch will begin to shake violently , and began shaking at the moment , is that a critical point in time, as long as the shaking begins at the moment of release the lock , a latch will be fixed, or else , will begin to consume violent shaking unlocking device durability , resulting in unlocking ‘s broken. So long as the five latches are successful fixed, you can complete the unlock.
How to improve the success rate of unlocking
Such a lock , as long as relying on a strong reflexes naturally Shoudaoqinlai . But I believe that not all players have the reflexes so sturdy , so here is a tip, you can greatly improve the success rate of unlocking – is officially depressed before each bolt , you can try to plug the pressure of time to observe shake point . Observed after shaking point, immediately release the lock to avoid any excessive consumption of durable , and then it only need to pressure again , shaking point latch will arrive before the pre- sentence can be let go , even if time permits, you can repeated pressure test . – But do consume the equivalent of unlocking device durability to improve their success rate.
However, this method only for the lower degree of difficulty of the lock , the lock interface as the most important factor and a time limit.

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