Elder Scrolls introduce the three forces of the Daggerfall Covenant

Daggerfall Covenant is one of three camps in which players can join the game , they are carried out with the other two forces and the Empire. Daggerfall Covenant camp logo is a lion , representing the color is blue , and the orcs including Brighton High Rock province , as well as drop hammer Hongwei . It is a coalition of equality and democracy advocates , and use their military strength to protect the Rijindoujin trade routes. Alliance is located in Road Town Wayrest make the supreme leadership of King Emeric and tried to recover by capturing ruby crown and the second era of stability throughout Tamriel .

In the second era – an era than before ” Elder Scrolls ” games have early , Tamriel world into a quartet war. In order to conquer the entire continent , Aboriginal Imperials Cyrodiil province and Daedric Prince Molag Bal do a deal . At the beginning of the game , players need to join in a three factions . This is not only against the Imperials three factions and Molag Bal undead legions , but also to attack the Imperial throne and each other . . “The Elder Scrolls ” to create three different league , three different philosophies , three different ways the game . That one do you choose ?
between redguards and bretons friction, game guide Matt Firor case said , “High rock of civil war and foreign wars as frequently , but in contrast here is very peaceful . Bretons in their own territory to set aside a piece of habitat orcs ground. three races mutual respect , democracy and more elsewhere than in this area .

High Rock in the northwest of Tamriel , and Hammerfell, Skyrim border. Here the land is fertile , temperate climate . Despite orcs, bretons is leading the race. High Rock is “The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall” The story takes place . Daggerfall is the capital of High Rock , and one of the oldest cities .
Hammerfell is a barren , is redguards hometown. Hammerfell city and maritime trade developed. Intra-regional pastoral situation is very bad, but because of commercial activity on the border cities already earned pours it.

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