The First Emperor finally appeared In ESO

Being the emperor in eso is a great honor and maybe every player has dreamed of it. The past month has witnessed many emperors rise and fall amidst the chaos of the alliance war, and of course the first one to hold the title is the most eye-catching. Well, who is he? Yes, he is Emperor Morkulth. Recently the official site has given him an interview. What did he say? Now let’s have a look.

The First Emperor

The first question being asked was whether he had the support of a guild and how the guilds helped him. The fact was he was in two guilds which for some time had been collaborating about being a dominant force in the Aldmeri Dominion. Both guilds supported members to push for the first emperor spot and helped organize their members into dynamic fighting groups to siege and take the six emperor keeps quickly and efficiently, without a minute of time wasted. And later he made it the best advice to players who wanted to be the emperor to join a group or guild, because he thought a powerful guild would get you the most skills and the most alliance points.

While asked about the preparation and motivation for emperorship, Morkulth said food should be at hand for late-hour fights and rest should be guaranteed. Always focused on the prize to be at best at anything, and the sense of accomplishment from completing the main goal was the motivation to try more ambitious ones. And surely he set it a goal to get emperor again.

Morkulth was an Altmer Sorcerer. According to him, choosing a combination of race and class was important so that the skills could be casted the best. Also one must know the skills well so that they could be used at the perfect time to the perfect effect.

At last he emphasized the importance of individuals in Cyrodiil. Every member was instrumental to an alliance’s success whether you were at the top of the leaderboard or not.

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