Imperial wars in The elder scrolls Online

The elder scrolls Online has served nearly a month of time, a lot of players have reached the official request levels full of 50! But this does not mean that the game has come to an end! This is just a just beginning! Because players will start in the biggest bright spot of eso – imperial wars!

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Become a king can have a lot of generous reward! For example, the exclusive equipment and skills, and the title! And you don’t have to worry for eso gold enough! Because you get eso become emperor gold higher efficiency on several times!

Emperor, of course, is not the only thing in life! If your team defeated! All of these privileges will disappear! At present a lot of players of the team, and a large number of buy eso gold to get advanced equipment! And cooperate with the tactics, ready to fight for imperial wars!

Let’s wait and see!

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