TESO Classes

 The classes

So far, teso has announced five classes, the templar, dragon knight, sorcerer, night blade and warden.

A templar is a class that can deal weapon damage and use restoration magic to cast healing spells. Healing spells does not have a cooldown so a templar will easily be able to heal himself/herself and his/hers allies. Templars also deal magical damage such as the following spells.


Sun strike: A templar’s basic spell. Sun Strike looks like a staff of light that attacks enemy and deals damage. The spell does not require much magica.

Rushed ceremony: Rushed ceremony is a healing spell, it allows the templar to restore part of yours, or your ally’s health bar.

Sun fire is a medium ranged attack that allows you to hit your enemy with a blast of sunlight. It looks very similiar to a fire ball. It’s a very good spell for kiting an enemy. Sun fire requires more magica than sun strike, but it is more efficient.

Dragon knight

if you equip a sword and a shield, a dk could become a good tank. If you wish, you could even become an assassin or a ranged damage dealer. It is multipurpose class that is playable with any kind of weapon and armor sets. Dk is good at dealing a lot of damage with different weapons and abillities.


Fiery reach: It allows you to throw a massive fiery chain that pulls your enemy towards you. Fiery reach also stuns your enemy for a breif time and deals fire damage. It is a perfect abillity to catch an enemy who is trying to escape.

Slam: Slam allows you to stun and knock an enemy down. Slam interrupts the enemies’ spells and abillities. It requires a lot of stamina, and there for cannot be used very frequently.

Spiked armor: Spiked armor is a buff that surrounds your character with spikes adding extra damage resistance and returning physical damage to enemies. It can be very usefull in massive battles.

Dragon armor: Dragon armor is the dragon knight’s ultimate ability. Your character starts to burn. His/hers skin turns into molten rock and lava. All near enemies catch on fire and start to burn too receiving fire damge. Dragon armor is exellent in massive battles for weakening enemies. The dragon knight unocks this spell when he/she reaches 5th level. To fill up the “ultimate” bar, you need to perform well in battle.

The sorcerer

The sorcerer is a powerfull class who uses magical skills to destroy enemies. The sorcerer relies mostly on magic and uses a staff. Thought a staff is the general weapon for any mage, you can use other weapons if you wish. But playing as a sorcerer mage would be a good choise. A sorcerer can learn to master three different magic schools: Dark magic, Storm calling and deadric summoning. These schools all have different spells and abillities, such as summoning creatures or dealing damage. All of the sorceres spells use magica energy. This “pool” is very imortant for the sorcerer.

Teso has not yet announced any sorcerer spells.

Warden and Night blade

There is no current information on Warden or Night blade.

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