Player-versus-player (PvP) support will be included and should prove substantial. A lot of time is being spent to ensure that players are able to be self-sufficient, but team-based strategies will also play a major role in conflicts. The game’s engine is actually designed to handle grand battles with teams consisting of as many as 100 members apiece, though it’s possible that such numbers will change ahead of the game’s eventual release.

Unfortunately, due to online latency, the combat system will not be the same real time combat the Elder Scrolls games are known for. The Stamina Bar will be the main focus in battles. Use the Stamina Bar to Sprint, Block, Interrupt, and break Incapacitating Effects. All these effects will vary by class.

TES Online gives players a lot of control in battle to break away from what is known as the “Holy Trinity” in MMOs (Tank/Healer/Damage). The intent is to have players form small groups to clear most content without the use of Aggro. That’s right, there will be no Aggro in TES Online. Each player is responsible for their own selves.


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