The Elder Scrolls V: Orc guide

Contrary to what you might think from the name, these Orcs are less “human killing

primitives” and more or less green skinned dwarves. They walk around with axes and

hammers and are the most well renowned craftsmen in the world. In a way though, they

’re a mix between the two; they are smiths who are also known for their berserker

rage and for slaughtering their foes.

The Orc is almost like a specialized version of the Redguard. They trade in all of

the Redguards magical capabilities for a greater focus on bashing faces in. Orcs are

meant to be in a suit of heavy armor and charge right into the thick of combat with

whatever weapon they so choose. Their special ability, Berserker Rage, allows them to

deal double damage while taking half damage for a full minute. For an Orc with a two

handed weapon in heavy armor, that is a death sentence for almost all opponents.

Like the Redguard, the Orc has a nice advantage due to his advanced smithing ability.

This allows him to make good equipment to either sale or for personal use. But in

addition to that, the Orc has a high Enchantment skill which allows him to make

magical weapons and armor. Pairing those two skills up lets you craft surprisingly

good weapons and armor pretty early into the adventure – if you choose the right


An Orc will have access to:

Starting Skills

Block: 20, Enchanting: 20, Heavy Armor: 25, One Handed: 20, Smithing: 20, Two Handed:


Passive Abilities


Activated Ability:

Berserker Barrage Rage – You take half damage and do double damage for 60 seconds.

Character Suggestions:

The Orc is meant to be a fighter class and that’s the purpose you should put them

towards. Choose your weapon early on and stick with it, there is little advantage to

bouncing between one and two handed weapons. My personal preference has always been

an Orc wielding a two-handed Hammer or Axe with a full set of heavy armor, but you

may find that a sword and shield combo meets your preference.

If you’re interested in pursuing smithing and enchanting then you will want to

dedicate yourself to it pretty intensely. Enchantment really requires you to devote

yourself fully for it to really pay off. The only optional path is the elemental

enchanter abilities on the left side. All of the others are incredibly helpful.

Regular Smithing can be done a bit more sparingly, just be sure to get Arcane

Smithing and at least Advanced Armors. Those are arguably some of the best perks.

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