The Elder Scrolls V: Nord guide

It seems that in the world of The Elder Scrolls, Vikings are renowned for both their

ability to bash your face in with a wide variety of weapons and chat with you. No

longer are the Imperials the renowned masters of chit-chat, the Nords are giving them

a run for their money. All joking aside, this likely reflects on the fact that you

are in the Nordic homeland and people are going to be more positively inclined to

their brethren.

As you can see, the Nord are designed to be straight up warriors although they have a

preference for light armor. This doesn’t mean that they like to sneak or anything

like that, they simply tend to prefer the maneuverability from bearing lighter loads.

Slap them in a suit of Imperial Leather, give them a few perks and they can handle

even the tough enemies like a trooper. If you do decide to use the lighter armor and

not train up heavy armor, then it is best if you use a shield to help bolster your


It does bear noting that the Nord has very weak abilities. While Resist Frost is

decent enough, Battle Cry is incredibly weak. For the most part you’ll really not

want to bother with it as you should be killing enemies not chasing them off. The

worst part is that sometimes the enemies will return to blindside you with a random


A Nord will have access to:

Starting Skills

Block: 20, Light Armor: 20, One Handed: 20, Smithing: 20, Speech: 20, Two Handed: 25

Passive Abilities

Resist Frost – Grants a 50% resistance to all Frost attacks.

Activated Ability:

Battle Cry – Targets will flee for 30 seconds although this can be resisted.

Character Suggestions:

Nords are Vikings. They hit stuff. Be a fighter. Yes, it really is that simple. All

of their options are neatly laid out before you here. You will always be making use

of Speech since it figures into buying and selling goods and you have your pick of

using one-handed or two-handed weapons, so there is no reason to look any further

than that. None of their skills or abilities give them much in the ways of

flexibility in this regard either. So pick a Nord if their skills appeal to you as a

fighter in a way that the Reguard or Orc don’t.

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