The Elder Scrolls V: Khajiit guide

What do we have here? A race of cats that specializes in stealth skills? I’m fully

convinced that somebody made a joke about a cat burglar and the game designers ran

with it far too literally. Whatever the reason for them existing they are the single

best thieves in the game with a boost to basically every stealth skill that a thief

could want.

Basically every single aspect of the Khajiit is geared towards making them the best

stealthy murderers. There is no advantage to be had trying to turn them into

something else, so just don’t bother. A stealthy approach via bow and poisoned

arrows will get you through a lot of enemies, while your sword backup lets you handle

close range.

Much like the Argonians, the Khajiit have had the restriction on what armor they can

wear removed. This allows you to have a badass full suit of armor to compliment your

natural kitty thief abilities. The claw ability is pretty useless in the long run –

although it can be powerful in Helgen Keep and the first few dungeons. Use your bow

at range and then cat scratch the heck out of them when they get in your face.

Kitty Meow-Meow will have access to:

Starting Skills

Alchemy: 20, Archery: 20, Lockpicking: 20, One Handed: 20, Pickpocket: 20 Sneak: 25

Passive Abilities

Claws – Khajiit can do 15 points of damage with unarmed attacks.

Activated Ability:

Night Eye – Improved night vision for 60 seconds.

Character Suggestions:

Since a Khajiit is designed to be a pure rogue, simply embrace this and pick them

when you went the best of the best. Take a quick, light melee weapon like a dagger or

light sword and get them enchanted when you want a stronger weapon. If you like,

early on, you can stick with just your claws as they’re stronger than most knives

and early game swords, but their effectiveness peters off quickly. Otherwise, stick

with the bow and whatever poisons that you like to use.

A nice thing about the Khajiit is that their Night Eye ability is a power not a

spell. This means you can have your two hands assigned and access your night vision

at all times (unless you replace it with a shout).

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