The Elder Scrolls V: Imperial guide

Out of the various races, the Imperials are among the most versatile. Owing to their

expertise as merchants and soldiers they have plenty of skill at keeping themselves

alive whether it requires talking their way out of a problem or bashing enemies with

a club. The only skills they lack to begin with are stealth based, which means they

make much better fighters or mages than they do thieves or assassins.

Newer players who are interested in fighters may find the Imperial to be the ideal

race for them. Their skills are designed for them to suit up in heavy armor with a

heavy shield and one-handed weapon. If their weapon isn’t cutting it then they can

use Destruction magic to assist them. If you’re playing them right then you’ll have

very little need for Restoration, but it’s still nice to have it if things get bad.

However, their abilities are kind of spread all over the place, and this does hamper

them a bit. For example, if you don’t plan on using much magic then both Destruction

and Restoration will be going to waste. Their enchanting ability is in that very same

boat, since it’s not something every character will even want to bother with. That

leaves you with up to three dead skills, one of which is the highest skill the

Imperial starts with. So be very sure that you’re going to do something with those

skills before picking this race. It’s not like its active racial ability is anything

too special, although the extra money can be nice.

An Imperial will have access to:

Starting Skills

Block: 20, Destruction: 20, Enchanting: 20, Heavy Armor: 20, One Handed: 20,

Restoration: 25

Passive Abilities

Imperial Luck – Anywhere gold coins might be found Imperials always seem to find a

few more.

Activated Ability:

Voice of the Emperor – Calms nearby people for 60 seconds.

Character Suggestions:

The Imperial works well as either a straight up warrior who uses a few spells to

assist him (Restoration mostly) or a mage who wears heavy armor and focuses on

Destruction and Restoration.

If you choose to go with a warrior, then you should find yourself having a pretty

easy time of it for the earlier portions of the game. Later, you will probably want

to invest in Enchanting so that you can get the most of your enchanted items, or you

could simply invest in it early on. It will help you keep your enchanted weapons

recharged and possibly even make some equipment, helping you as the fighting gets


The mage route is a bit more unconventional due to the fact that you’re going to be

a mage who doesn’t use mage robes to enhance his abilities. Put on the hood you find

inside of the torture cell to increase your magicka pool and then just heap on the

heavy armor with a shield. Then you will want to swap between whatever weapon you’re

using to bean enemies in the face and a Destruction spell that fits your opponent.

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