The Elder Scrolls V: High Elves guide

Altmer are without a doubt the undisputed masters of magic. While the Breton may be

powerful spellcasters, and resist magic quite well, it is the High Elves who can bend

the forces of magicka to their will. Masters of all types of magic, they can draw

from deep personal magicka reserves to use their art more often than most other

spellcasters could hope.

The High Elves have never been a personal favorite due to the fact that they’re

totally focused on spellcasting. In most Elder Scrolls games the spellcasting system

was a bit on the tedious side early on and then became grossly overpowered as you

created your own spells. It is far more balanced in Skyrim, and the ability to dual

wield magic grants you a lot of versatility. Walking around with a protection spell

in one hand and Flames coming from the other grants you both offensive and defensive

options at the same time almost like having a sword and shield.

One thing to note is that the High Elf actually starts out with an Illusion spell –

something few others get. Unfortunately, this is Frenzy which costs a whole lot of

mana and doesn’t seem to work very often. You need to find other spells to help this

one work, and even then, it is of limited use. So that third starting spell is

something of a dud. Focus on your Destruction magic for the opening and then swap

over to whatever grabs your interest after you get to the open world.

An Altmer will have access to:

Starting Skills

Alteration: 25, Conjuration: 20, Destruction: 20, Enchanting: 20 Illusion: 20,

Restoration: 20

Passive Abilities

Highborn – High Elves are born with 50 extra magicka.

Activated Ability:

Highborn – Regenerate magicka faster for 60 seconds.

Character Suggestions:

Unlike the Breton the High Elves are basically steamrolled into playing as pure

mages. Luckily, they excel at that in a way that will make even the Breton envious.

So, if you pick a High Elf that’s something you’re going to want to embrace and

just go nuts with. Decide on what sort of spellcaster you want to be and just start

dropping your perks into those skills.

It is heavily suggested that you place most of your emphasis on your Conjuration and

Destruction magicks. Conjuration is so versatile that any pure mage will really want

to have that on hand to help out while Destruction will be your offensive bread and

butter. Restoration and Illusion are good for helping you to stay alive but you will

want to focus on the first two – unless you have a very specific idea for your


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