A Faster Burning Ground Effect Coming In PoE 3.1.3

GGG are planning to release patch 3.1.3 tomorrow, containing a new, faster, Burning Ground effect and some other high-priority bug fixes. As a preview to this update, GGG are making the patch notes available to share today. The following content is what bug fixed in Path of Exile 3.1.3. For more PoE information, you can visit U4GM and buy poe orbs.

Fixed a client crash that occurred when typing various symbols into the search box in the Map Stash Tab. Fixed a client crash that occurred when right clicking on a Map Stash Tab if that tab was not already loaded. Fixed a bug causing the effects for a skill in the High Templar Avarius encounter to not be displayed. Fixed a bug where some Rogue Exiles were not counting towards the “Kill Rogue Exiles” challenge.

Path of Exile

Fixed a bug where Desecrate cast by monsters would not create any corpses. Fixed a bug where a Divine Vessel was incorrectly consumed if the Map boss was replaced by the Elder or an Elder Guardian. Fixed a bug where Vaal Spectral Throw was not interacting correctly with the Volley Support gem.

Fixed a bug where the quest tracker was displaying incorrect quest information while in Maps. Fixed a bug where the Twice Blessed Darkshrine effect was not always given to the player who clicked the Darkshrine. Fixed a rare bug preventing some characters from completing the Lighting the Way quest.

GGG have made a new effect for Burning Ground which doesn’t have the performance issues that the previous one did. While it has a few visual bugs still, they are releasing it for feedback and to get the improvement onto the realm as soon as possible. GGG plan to update the other ground effects in a similar way in the future.

Some players think GGG are actually made ninja changes to Lich spawn rate, or ninja fixed a bug with them, because people are reporting finding much more in the last week or so. They wish that GGG would just officially support Regex searches in the stash tab. They already know its a thing internally since they get the regex symbol error, just let they access it by ticking an option or something so it isn’t too confusing to new players.