Hummels father denied the transfer, but United has not given up?

The daily mirror newspaper previously reported that Manchester United are interested in winter to 47 million euro of a massive transfer fee to buy Captain Hummels of Dortmund, but in an interview a few days ago when Hummels’s father denied the news, but as far as Germany media reports, Manchester United appears to have not completely given up hope of chasing the Hummels.


Hummels in an interview when his father Herman to dismiss British media reported: “there is no thing. ”

Hummels I previously have expressed their loyalty: “I don’t need to play the best teams in the world, and won, by contrast, can I like to get a Champions League with Dortmund. ”

But anecdotally, buy Hummels from Manchester United this summer will still insist, because coach Louis van Gaal is very appreciated for its, Hummels and Dortmund’s contract expires in 2017, this summer for Dortmund are a critical stage because in addition to outside the Hummels, Royce and Gundogan per capita likely will leave the Club in the summer.