British media: Xu Erlei refusal to Wolfsburg, intends to move to Dortmund

Bundesliga side Wolfsburg has provided Chelsea midfielder Xu Erlei before a 23 million-pound offer, but according to the United Kingdom newspaper the daily mirror reported, Xu Erlei was reluctant to move to Wolfsburg, rather than at the end of the season to join Dortmund.


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Xu Erlei rejected invitations from Wolfsburg, more willing to join Dortmund in that summer. Wolfsburg made 23 million pound bid, although Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho has offered to sell Xu Erlei, Xu Erlei himself was not willing to travel to Wolfsburg. Xu Erlei of the season in Chelsea’s embarrassment, it’s hard to get a first chance. But Salah is also possible in another winger to leave the team, Xu Erlei in the winter transfer window with unlikely.

Despite struggling Borussia Dortmund this season, but Xu Erlei hopes join Klopp’s team. Xu Erlei may be at the end of the season to join Dortmund as Royce’s replacement.