New Year, More Ronaldo Return

Beijing time this morning, 17th round of La Liga begins 1-field clashat the Mestalla Stadium, Real Madrid away by reversing 1:2 defeat byValencia, ending official game 22-game winning streak.

The first 13 minutes, cross cross from the right flank Bell nodded theball hits the edge before negredo left arm penalty. Ronaldo fencingadvance the left corner, 1:0. The first 25 minutes, Bell’s offsidetrap, and the right-hand side to the outside of his left foot cross andRonaldo spots up through Diego Alves, small angle hit the Internet.

Che’s 52nd-minute equaliser. Barragan volley hit the edge of the areathat Pepe feet bounced into the net, 1:1. On 65 minutes, right cornerParejo, Otamendi breaks dot pitch 8 m before the head into the far corner, 2:1. Subsequently, while Ancelotti replaced Sami Khedira andHermann Hesse, replaced Hames-Rodriguez and Bell. On 85 minutes,Marcelo cross from the left, ISCO 7 metres in front headed by DiegoAlves subconsciously, Valencia finally 2:1.

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