Messi Was Shot In Arguing With Coach Rumors Of Discord

In 4th Barcelona’s 17th round of the Spanish League, is also the firstofficial match of the new year in the 0:1 defeat at Real Sociedad, andstriker Lionel Messi in the team without a starter. According to localmedia, the “little flea” in previous training had had a dispute withcoach Enrique.

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The sports world on 4th Barcelona Media said according to the news theyget from Barcelona’s dressing room, 2nd is Lionel Messi at the endafter the new year for the first time to participate in the training.In this exercise, organized a five-on-five scrimmaging, Enrique,Enrique I umpired. Macy’s has always treated the game very seriously,as with race to win, but 2nd Enrique against Lionel Messi a penalty hascaused Argentina’s dissatisfaction, then two people start arguing, then he raised his voice to be very excited.

The sports world said, team training, arguing is normal, but the situation makes Barcelona other players feel unusual.

In addition to Messi in the 4th race, team two other Brazil nationals players neymar and Daniel Alves failed to start. While three people whohave been replaced to come on, but still failed to save the Club failin the end.

Game is not FIFA 15 coins games, game many uncontrollable factors,hoping Messi and Barcelona are able to deal with these things, thebetter to win.