Reader Reviews For The Elder Scrolls Online Between Skyrim And Wow

Actually, I had not write a review before at all. I have not played that much and not seen by far all of ESO. But I feel so slow on the nerves anywhere to read (on forums, Youtube, etc.) the game is crap, WOW is much better anyway. These people have probably never played the game but my they would now widely publish their hatred triads. In this respect, this should be only a small buy recommendation here. In my review I write only about what I’ve experienced so far, so can not even write about PVP and so on. Maybe I submit that sometime after yet.


Anyone familiar with the Elder Scrolls games, will know that was to express the main story in the predecessors to make it mild tingles not much. The ESO is indeed but very neat. Clear a little clichéd, but for an MMO in order. The Daedrafürst Molag Bal has won by his henchmen control of Tamriel. Now this same henchman rushes the three alliances Ebonheart pact dagger fall Alliance and Aldmeri Dominion against each other to cover up what is going on in Tamriel before him. Molag Bal can namely pile white citizens in his kingdom cold harbor bring. And there it goes also for the player going. The must spend a prisoner in cold harbor namely his time until he manages the outbreak.

Every beginning is hard
I must say at the beginning of ESO has me not the least bit motivated. I did not really know where to go with me, what should I do. I could find no decent armor, let alone a horse (the nag namely costs 17,200 gold, which is a sheer enormous sum), everything seemed a bit dull. But after some time I have to see me and it started to be fun.

From forth gameplay, ESO is strongly oriented to Elder Scrolls. With the left mouse button, we propose to right we block. But you can still dodge in all directions and “special attacks” apply. This one unlocks on skill points. But you can not just freely echoed such attacks, but also the character values ​​up to skill and thus create an individual character. I must say the skill system makes me pretty fun because you get skill points relatively often. Not only by level rises, but also through quests and sky shards. The latter in particular has greatly contributed to urge to discover at ESO. Discover is namely also very important here. Time here and sometimes there is a box with precious stuff around, or you come across an interesting dungeon, or, or, or …. Otherwise, there’s still a nice crafting system. I have it still not all the way through looks, but very motivated. The quests in ESO fun, because it is not to “kill ten wolves, collect six medicinal herbs” limited. The quests are most quite a contiguous series of quests that you should play completely, since it is the thick, bold reward is only at the end. In principle, it is recommended a lot to questing, there simply cut down monsters are no EP. So let us briefly together: There is a dynamic combat system, a strong applied on Discover world, crafting an exciting and honest varied quests. So much for the RPG aspects, now for the part with the other people. To this end, I can not say much because I still could try PVP neither great PVE. However, it does at the beginning of almost everything alone. Quest you can with several games I’ve not yet seen. Nevertheless, a very often a player runs one done for a short distance along on the way to the quests. Example White a strong opponent knocks. At the end there still to say that some dungeons, especially the anchor of Molag Bal are crowded so hopeless that strong opponents and bosses may make acquaintance with their Creator in a few seconds. The enemies scale namely not of their strength.

Graphically, ESO for a decent MMORPG out more because I have not expected. Especially the large game world (which unfortunately is not related, which is a shame) is beautifully designed and looks sometimes from right impressive. Very disturbing, however, are still some bugs. So I can no longer continue playing with a my character because the fell suddenly and without warning through the floor and I do not get high. When a character’s armor seems downright festgeschweist. I put a piece of armor that is from (in inventory) he has yet to even.

As I said, my experience only refer to a few hours play time so the rating is not must be my final and the sin here rather my first impressions above. I love the game in any case if fun. The problem that opens up, however, is that it is oriented on one side too much of Skyrim, on the other too much on MMO. Thus, the average is not always true. I hope ZeniMax there’s subsequently files, because in some places still needs a little be filed. One should ESO at any rate it a try.

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