Gildenglitch led to massive gold propagation in The Elder Scrolls Online

The drama picked up again: In recent days and weeks, a glitch in The Elder Scrolls Online was discovered, by which one has received extremely much gold in no time – ZeniMax can not splash out and grabs hard by.

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It is as always: A MMO we published and a certain circle of players sets off to find a glitch or error in the system. This is what happened now at The Elder Scrolls Online , where you could duplicate items on the guild system of time and has therefore arg quickly to an extreme sum of gold.

After the glitch was made public a few days ago, Zenimax turned off for a certain time from the guilds databases and corrected the error. All those players who have knowingly benefited from the Duping bug, were then brutally locked. So it should stay that way in the future when new bugs see the light of the world. The official statement takes her under this post linked.
Have you noticed the error?

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