Elder Scrolls-something about ESO

This is a time of strife and unrest. Army spirits and dark spirit is reflected in every corner of the continent Tamriel. Colder winters, crop failure. Mystics have suffered nightmares and bad luck sign.

Four years ago, in 2E578, a mysterious explosion set off a mysterious energy in the Imperial City aftershocks swept Nirn. Master dead or crazy. Annihilation from the aircraft, the inferno supernatural abominations than ever greater numbers. Snake constellation grown so large that it dominates the night sky.

Began Molag BAL, Mozu Prince domination and enslavement of the grand plan. Dark anchors, evil magic vortex, weaken the barrier between the world and threatened to merge into a single, nightmarish hellscape Nirn and forgotten.

In this chaos, fight three alliances and white gold imperial control tower. Gao Yan, Sentinel, Orsinium stand united as one, under the rule of the High King Wayrest. Valencia Wood and Elsevier have formed an alliance of their own Sommerset, while the black swamp, Morrowind, and the sky has formed a third, anxiety agreements.

The Daggerfall Covenant. The Aldmeri dominion. Treaty Ebonheart.

Forces will take up arms against the empire, against each other, competing for control of the Imperial City and White Gold Tower forgotten itself the forces of darkness.

Where is your loyalty?

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