U.S. Tamriel Continent: two hours of World Elder Scrolls Online

The first two hours of my life in North Dragon Knight , he was swimming across the sky between ice floes , frozen turf through the door is quickly forgotten a perverse imprint , slunk through a booby tomb and take a ferry mushrooms scattered coastal Morrowind . This is Zenimax Online stood with his hands on his hips and booming : “Oh , yes, we’ve got Tamriel continent .” We cheered jokingly rubbing surface into a rich cultural heritage and a proven track record lore .

The first multiplayer game Elder Scrolls game to the Xbox one , but no one said the MMO, this is what it is. Events unfold in 1000 saved before Dragonborn attacks carried out by the dragon , and 800 years ago , Patrick Stewart rushed into our cells , and urged us to try his tutorial dungeon. The Elder Scrolls Online is set in the period in the history of the continent Tamriel is called vacancy . This is not a fictional character – after the English Civil War , between 1649 and 1660 , the UK has its own space when there is no ruling monarch on the throne – but Tamriel continent vacancy is a little more mysterious.

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Zenimax Online ‘s creative director , said: ” Paul , sage, ” The Elder Scrolls Online occurred in the second era. He was referring to a period of 896 years , with the Roman Empire ‘s death has been kicked off . ” Vacancy is a 50- year period, there is no record of what happened , our game is to fill this gap .” This is a narrative convenience , then let Zenimax Online tell a new story , without having to worry about someone pushing their nose and his glasses , and began a terrible phrase: “Actually, I think you’ll find …… ”

During this period, nine Tamriel continent divided into three factions playable races balanced three U.S. dollars . The Ebonheart Convention ” by the Dark Elves Dunmow , Vikingesque Nordisk and eccentricity reptiles Yaron . Opening tasks ranging from Bleakrock response from another faction ‘s attack , Daggerfall Convention panic evacuation of the cluster by the wizard Nordic Brittany , Warrior Redguards and barbaric orcs .

This makes the third faction , who does not refer to our demo – High Elf Altmer hippy wood elves JOB poetry Mo and rounded major unexpected bunch of elves send a cat , tiger . Deliberately mismatched groups , where – Nordisk and black wizard is not race, you want to fight side by side with each other . These are the league ‘s convenience and survival , not love .

” Our league play , you’ll have a completely different content , explained:” Sage . We Ebonheart Convention , “the prelude to our Dragon Knight’s story begins in Bleakrock, Nordic town that is new, but faithfully reproduce quickly become familiar skyline design other places , we know there will be – Windhelm , Cyrodiil and so on – but Zenimax have the opportunity to fill in the blanks on the map the northern coast of Morrowind , for example, for the first time there are also features, but gray large tracts of land . these are just ready to expand .

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