ESO leaks flood the web

The Elder Scrolls Online - leaked character screenshot

The internet and rabid fandom being what they are, it’s next to impossible for gaming press outlets to keep their exclusive information exclusive for very long. So it went with Game Informer’s The Elder Scrolls Online reveal, which is slated to appear in its June print edition. Posters at NeoGAF, as well as pretty much every gaming news site around the web, subsequently got a hold of the article and leaked a bunch of screenshots as well as a few rumored gameplay details.

Said details include traditional hotbar combat, a third-person perspective, and around 120 hours’ worth of leveling content for the average player.

Could a game studio please have the balls to release a high-grade open world sandbox title for the love of pete!?  All dev studios are so focused on copy/pasting a new watered-down mmo for the masses that nobody is really doing anything interesting – this has been getting stagnant/boring for years now.  I sure wish that another company besides CCP would release an mmo focused on capturing a smaller (but very hardcore) niche audience rather than trying to become the next 11-million sub pile of junk.  This is precisely why ArcheAge hasnt been picked up by a NA publisher.  Nobody wants to touch a sandbox title with a 10-foot pole.  The studios know that these types of games weed out much of the potential gaming population rapidly because they are too complex and lack hand-holding that more casual gamers crave.


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