The Elder Scrolls V of the major points

Even though I found Skyrim to be perhaps the most buggy major title release I have

ever seen, I also found it to be an intense and interesting adventure that in every

way lives up to the reputation and the entertainment levels that have long been part

of this series.  In an even-handed way I would even go so far as to say that this is

the best Elder Scrolls game… Ever.
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One of the major points in its favor is that it was built with the same engine that

the Fallout games used, which means that anyone who has played those has a zero

learning curve for the controls and the play style of this one!  Lockpicking is just

like it was in Fallout, and having the ability to fast travel is simply awesome.

Magic and Shouts in the game are intuitive, interesting, and strategically critical,

but where this game really shines is in its crafting system, which if you gather the

correct materials allows you to craft weapons and armor that are far superior to

ANYTHING you can get as loot, including the Daedric Artifacts!  It is always a good

thing when a game developer puts the focus upon the player, and they do that in

Skyrim to the Nth degree!

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