Monopoly Go Sticker Packs

What Can Players Find in Monopoly Go Sticker Packs

In this guide, we will show everything you need to know about what you can find in Monopoly Go sticker packs.

What are Monopoly Go Sticker Packs?

Sticker Packs offers players a variety of collectible Monopoly Go Stickers that can be used to complete sticker albums and unlock rewards. Each sticker pack is categorized by color and star rating, ranging from one to five stars, indicating the rarity and value of the stickers inside. Additionally, there are special gold packs that contain gold stickers, which are even rarer.

Where to Find Monopoly Go Sticker Packs?

Now, let us take a look at where you can find each sticker pack.

Sticker PackRating probabilityWhere to find
Green1 starThis is an extremely common pack that can be found anywhere.
Yellow2 starPlayers can acquire this at top 10 place through tournaments and other similar sites in the game.
Pink4 starPlayers scoring 3-5 in tournaments can get access to this pack.
Blue4 starFinishing a high-placed tournament can guarantee this pack.
Purple5 starLook for the pack after a high placed tournament finishes, especially at the end of a season. Main milestone events and other places like Quick Wins also contain this pack.
GalaxyAny 1 NEW card you needThe pink vault in the album section definitely contains a galaxy pack. Since its extremely rare, it is also available as a winnable free pack as a season goes on.

What Can You Find in Monopoly Go Sticker Packs?

The following list answers all these questions.

  • Green(At least have one star stickers with 1 stars): 1 Star(59.90%), 2 Star(30%), 3 Star(10%), 4 Star(Tiny), 5 Star(Miniscule!)
  • Yellow(At least have one star stickers with 2 stars): 1 Star(53.20%), 2 Star(30%), 3 Star(14%), 4 Star(1.10%), 5 Star(0.30%)
  • Pink(At least have one star stickers with 3 stars): 1 Star(51.80%), 2 Star(35%), 3 Star(10%), 4 Star(1.10%), 5 Star(0.50%)
  • Blue(At least have one star stickers with 4 stars): 1 Star(44.80%), 2 Star(35%), 3 Star(16%), 4 Star(1.20%), 5 Star(0.90%)
  • Purple(At least have one star stickers with 5 stars): 1 Star(50.40%), 2 Star(28%), 3 Star(17%), 4 Star(1.70%), 5 Star(0.60%)

This is everything you need to know about stickers in Monopoly Go, where you can find them and their types. And if you are lucky, you may find your preferred stickers in your sticker packs.