Investing In FIFA 20 Player Performances Guide

Watching football (especially live) can be a real asset to helping you get ahead of the millions of other traders on the market. By watching games you can see when players are playing well or when they have scored a great goal, for example. U4GM have already discussed in-depth the effect that a real-life performance can have in the FUT world. They may be featured in the TOTW  and this can lead to their non IF card rising in price also. Even if players aren’t featured in the TOTW, players prices can still rise slightly if they’ve had a great game in real life.


A classic example of this was with one of the players U4GM knew the price of well last year. Daniel Sturridge scored 2 and assisted 1 in a 4-0 win for Liverpool versus their local rivals Everton on the 24th January 2019. He scored in the 33rd and 35th minute and as soon as U4GM saw Liverpool were on top and Sturridge looked incredibly dangerous U4GM started to invest in even more Sturridge’s than U4GM already had. U4GM bought 10 versions of his card for slightly over his going rate at the time of 7,000 coins, a 70,000 outlay. By the end of half-time, U4GM looked and were seeing his card selling for 12,500 FIFA 20 coins, almost double what U4GM had paid around 25 minutes earlier (crazy!). Even though he didn’t get into the TOTW for this week (probably the fact the game was played on the Tuesday night when TOTW is, as U4GM know, announced on Wedesday at 3 pm UK time. He still peaked at around 17,000 coins on a Tuesday night! Because of this, U4GM guessed he wouldn’t be included in the TOTW and U4GM sold for 14,000 coins to almost double our money. Timing your investments is vital as this method is becoming more and more popular with each version of the game. Taking this into account you’ll need to be very careful when doing this. Many people and U4GM have experimented with this, have started to predict when players will have MOTM performances (we have had dozens of huge successes with using this method, particularly in major tournaments and finals of competitions). Worst case scenario; the player you invest in doesn’t perform as well as expected. If this happens then you can sell them for what you bought them for (assuming you bought them 5% below their value due to EA tax). However, in order to be successful in the art of investing in player performances, you need to know what type of players to look for and what type of conditions can help you succeed in this method. Selling the player has a huge impact and knowing when to sell is crucial. Many people just see buying the player for a great price as being job done, IT ISN’T.

Things to look for when investing in a player:
1. You want to make sure their league or nationality is popular (even better if they play one of the bigger clubs in that league)
2. You want to make sure they have decent stats (obviously, relative to the color of their card). The main stats people notice are rating & pace. Then there are skill move ratings followed by weak foot ability and work rates.
3. It is easier to make higher margins on player performances with the lower-rated (bronze or silver) cards. On FIFA 17 two great examples were Bellerin and Rashford (once he was introduced). More popular players such as Hazard who featured in 3 different TOTW’s in fairly quick succession went up 20% of his original value.

What conditions help player HYPE?
1. Look for televised games on any major channel. This will help to ensure that the player has maximum exposure. Although you can make good coins by investing in players that play well in the Barclays PL on a Saturday or Sunday, an exclusive
Sunday afternoon BPL fixture or a Tuesday night Champions League game will receive more viewers across the world. Alternatively, look at other major leagues such as the Bundesliga, Liga BBVA and Serie A which all have great TV exposure.

2. Huge games such as the FA CUP Final, Champions League Final, Capital One Cup Final, Europa League Cup Final, Internationals, Copa del Rey Cup Final and game where the underdogs win which happens frequently in the FA Cup, can significantly increase player hype and change prices rapidly.

3. By being in constant contact with the massive social media world you can constantly keep in touch with the football world. Also subscribing to popular YouTube entertainers who are producing daily content on FIFA can add to a players demand within hours. If a popular one like Nepenthez recommends a player or is going crazy about a ‘Beast’ they have found this will make thousands of their fans rush to get that player for their team.