Path of Exile Gemcutter’s Prism Guides

PoE Gemcutter’s Prism (often abbreviated GCP) is usually a currency item that may be used to enhance the good quality of a gem. Each and every Gemcutter’s Prism will constantly raise the top quality by 1%. Improves the high quality of a gem. Unless that you are starting your adventure on a brand new league, the majority of the gems with higher excellent might be more affordable than Gemcutter’s Prisms expected to enhance its’ top quality to corresponding levels.

The way to Use Gemcutter’s Prism
Since Gemcutter’s Prisms are fairly uncommon, it is not advised to apply them to gems that have little or no excellent. However, promoting a Gemcutter’s Prism along with a level 20 gem to any vendor will provide you with a 20% excellent, level 1 version of that same gem. Due to the fact it truly is achievable to level a lot of gems at after, it truly is frequently regarded as a cost-efficient technique of obtaining 20% high-quality gems in the event the player doesn’t have the implies to acquire a sizable number of Gemcutter’s Prisms.

Gemcutter’s Prism a thing from 0 to 20 high quality is typically never ever going to be worth it. Simply gems with good quality are pretty frequent drops, and in some cases, high top quality gems (15-20) are somewhat prevalent in Uber Lab chests (as well as a lot of folks straight up farm Uber Lab as their primary ‘thing’ in the game). There’s also a prophecy guaranteeing a 20q gem dropping that may be somewhat common.
Nevertheless, Gemcutter’s Prism gems with some top quality to 20 might be worth the GCP cost. I basically dump all my high-quality gems into a 1 chaos buyout tab, and once it fills up, I vendor them all for GCPs; if I get a whisper for a single of your gems in it nevertheless, I verify how much a 20quality gem of that type is worth, and look at regardless of whether Gemcutter’s Prism it as much as 20 quality myself and selling it’s worth more (a GCP can be a bit less than a chaos so this call is simple to produce).
At this point in the league, the above is all you might have to do with gems. Pay attention to high quality on drop-only gems however as some other people have pointed out (Enlighten/Empower/Enhance/Added Chaos Damage – the good quality worth on them is really a bit diverse than regular).
Vendoring a level 20 gem for a lvl 1/20q is something only worth carrying out early league when 20q gems just are not as offered (i.e. actually first days/week of a league). It is best to just get your gems this late within the league, because the market is oversaturated with corrupted 20/20q gems (failed Vaal attempts for 21/20q or 20/23q), tanking their price all the way into ‘very cheap’ zone. If you are feeling adventurous nonetheless, feel totally free to obtain fresh 20q gems and level them to 20 yourself, then Vaal and hope for those outcomes :p They’re worth a lot in several circumstances.
Ways to get gem-cutter’s prism

Gemcutter’s Prism Recipes
Gemcutter’s Prisms are an uncommon item that may be obtained from slain enemies or located in an Artisan’s Strongbox.
One can sell a gem with 20% good quality to any vendor to get a Gemcutter’s Prism.
1 can sell any quantity of gems whose total high-quality is no less than 40% to any vendor for any Gemcutter’s Prism.

Divination cards
A set of five Emperor’s Luck1 is often exchanged for five Gemcutter’s Prisms.
A set of 3 The Gemcutter is often exchanged for any Gemcutter’s Prism.
A set of 7 The Union is usually exchanged for ten Gemcutter’s Prisms.

Tips on how to Farming gem-cutter’s prism
After you are farming maps, you’ll also be swimming in High-quality gems (conveniently rolled from gem-cutters strongboxes) and GCP drops also. Do not be afraid to invest slightly money in this game. The extra highly effective your character is, the simpler you can make extra money.


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