The Top Tips for Tera’s New Class – Gunner

I rounded up a few tips from our team to help you level up fast and get the most out of playing Gunner. Buying tera gold on the U4GM marketplace will not only save you time and energy but you will get more time to actually play the game!

TERA Gunner

  • Between you and your constructs, you’re a one-woman trinity! Summon your HB and ST units to act as your healer and tank, then get ready to let loose with all the DPS you can muster.
  • Aim for crit, power, and damage bonuses on your gear and glyphs.
  • Always be on the move. Learning to dodge enemy attacks is a great way to learn how to make sure enemies don’t dodge yours.

TERA Gunnertera gunner

  • Lead your opponents with your Arcane Barrage skill, then detonate it at just the right time for maximum effect.
  • Build up your Willpower with bombs, Scattershot, Mana Missiles, and Arcane Barrage, then cut loose with your heavy-hitting Bombardment on a group of foes, or unleash a percussive batch of Burst Fire into one or more opponents.


Use Bombardment early and often in fights against crowds or Big-Ass Monsters! While Bombardment consumes a lot of Willpower, every missile hit restores a bit of Willpower. Then, when the time comes, unleash Balder’s Vengeance as the ultimate finishing move. If you want to be a top game in the game but don’t have much time to collecting tera gold, go to find a reliable supplier.

What is the ideal Path of exile Cold Spells Frostbolt Builds

Planning to do a path of exile Cold Spells Frostbolt throughout the path of exile, considering what would be superior for CI. Occultist or Elementalist. I’d be operating blasphemy frostbite and enfeeble or temporal chains. Would be crit/freeze primarily based. Now U4GM Will share you the most effective Path of exile Cold Spells Frostbolt Builds

Best#1 Queen of Ice Crystal Maiden Frostbolt 95% Crit
This is an incredibly beginner friendly construct which is enjoyable to play on a price range!
1. Shaper of Desolation
This can allow for chilling, shocking and igniting
2. Beacon of RuinThe key feature from the makeEnables all of our Elemental Ailments (Freeze, Chill, Shock and Ignite) to proliferate out to nearby enemies. Also improves the effect of the ailments.
3. Paragon of Calamity – Reflect protection
4. Liege with the Primordial
Newbie Friendly
Spending budget Friendly
Exciting and Satisfying to Play
+ Gets
Considerably Stronger with Superior Gear

– Nota great Boss Killer (ultimately you could possibly wish to skip bosses unless you find out a superior single target option)

Build Hyperlink:

Best#2 Balance – A CwC Frostbolt EE MoM VP guide
ThisDevelop shall talk about tips on how to make use of the talent Storm Burst as a platform to toss tons of Frostbolts about, commonly melting content material with little to no effort, requiring no especially robust gear, getting very reasonable survivability, Immediate Life Leech, screen-wide clearing, and comical levels of reflect-resistant damage.

+ -130 Elemental Penetration.
+ 91.35%best / 70.59% realistic crit chance.
Immediate Life Leech caster w/ 5000+ HP.
+ Viable EE Mechanic.
+ MTX.
Most important talent clears the majority of the screen with piercing.
+ Most highly-priced one of a kind inside the develop is 2 chaos.
+ Can function with tiny to no gear.
Quick clear speed. 5-link movement skill.
+ Can run the majority of map mods.
Does not depend on curses to execute.

– MoM + Warlord’s Mark for Mana Leech is dependent on max_mana_leechrates.
– Not stun immune,
even so, Brine King moderately negates this.
– Missing defensive auras.
Never play this construct with a friend operating Anger.
– EE mechanic requires that you just aim. Swapping Vortex gem for bosses if desired might be tedious.
Does not have fun in Hexproof, but it really is manageable.
– In 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell
Within a Cell and plummeted 16 ft by means of an announcer’s table.

Construct Hyperlink:

Leading Path of exile Builds for Marauder Chieftain

The Chieftain focuses on dealing fire harm. He can do that either by himself or by way of his totems which advantage in the defensive nodes in this tree. Now, U4gm shares with you Prime Path of exile Builds for Marauder Chieftain. U4gm as an expert Poe Currency web page gives secure, quick and low-cost Poe Orbs for you. With over ten years of excellence, we’ve served thousands of consumers. Should you are hesitating exactly where to get Poe Exalted Orb, U4gm will be a superb choice.


TOP#1 The Endgame Incinerator – Chieftain – Under 100C – INCINERATE THE SHAPER
This is an endgame viable(in softcore) incinerate totem build. It can kill all T15 map bosses, uber Atziri, the Vaal temple trio, all guardians, along with the shaper. It really is hard to do a number of the highest content deathless, but it is attainable with enough skill.
Content this create can clear:
* Uber lab
* Regular Atziri
* Just about every T15 boss in uncommon corrupted maps. This construct handles this content material conveniently.
* Vaal temple. This can be also effortlessly handled.
* Every guardian. You do have to roll affordable mods although. Confirmed in two.4.1.
* Uber Atziri (ugly run, but the additional skilled play could do it deathless)
* SHAPER. (two.four.0, but you really sustain your DPS better in case your totems don’t taunt)

* Solid clear speed for not substantially investment, even in parties
* Can run any individual map mod and all, however, the really worst combinations(twinned GMP core eater of souls is not a superb notion).
* Incinerate totems demolish the screen with up to 600k DPS(RF and elemental overload up, incinerate at full energy, 50%+ fire penetration)
* Tabula friendly
* Seldom requires hits thanks to totem taunts.

* Leveling will not be the very best knowledge ahead of Sosa.
* Life is on the low side, you could take the small hits but not the crazy 1 shots.
* Some individuals don’t appreciate totems.

Develop hyperlinks:

Top# 2: End-Game Lazy Chieftain Flame Totem Create
Within this build, I focused on massive DPS and also a bit of survivability. Make is hybrid life + power shield (Thoughts more than Matter + Eldritch Battery combo) and uses Blood Magic. Chieftain simply because Totems leech life for you, taunts enemy and immune to reflect.
This is not super meta OP develop. This is a straightforward develop lets you play endgame content. You could do ALL MAP MODS include no mana regen, no leech, physical and elemental damage reflection, blood magic. It is NOT the very best league starter create simply because it really is pretty slow to level up at the starting.
You and your totems have life leech! (Hinekora, Death’s Fury);
Totems taunt anything, Exceptional Bosses too (Yokohama War’s Herald);
Totems immune to fire harm, so completely immune to elemental reflect (Yokohama War’s Herald);
You’ll be able to have as much as 60% Fire Penetration. Typical monsters have 0% fire res with your 60% fire Penetration monsters have -60% Fire Res (so You do 60% more damage);
Don’t need to have any legacy things!
Why not use a Employees with +1 to all gems and +2 to fire gems?
Mainly because I like Whirling Blades! and also the most beneficial staff is considerably worse than good rare dagger + shield. Immediately after update 2.5.0, you may use Yokohama’s, Fortress Shield.
Soon after nerf Crit daggers (80% to 50% International Crit Chance Implicit). You may attempt to use Wand/Sceptre with Flame Dash/Shield Charge in place of Whirling Blades.

Skill Tree:

Totemic Zeal Tree:

Construct links:


Top# 3: Meatball Totem – Video Guide – all map mods T15 – HC – SSF – Spending budget
When you looking for that create, you realize the single that can run all map mods no matter mixture on all tiers. Survive those moments when a thing epic happens on Game of Thrones and also you are not watching. Do just about all of the content material the game has on supply without having to farm some 40ex worth of gear on some boring meta make? Then welcome to my first develop guide, Meatball/Firestorm Totem!
My aim is to make this anything player who’s new to Path of Exile can understand and love whilst also providing veterans (or rabid totem fanatics like myself) one thing to sink their teeth into and bounce feedback off of. I’ve been looting and murdering in Wraeclast given that beta and have constantly loved totems, locating methods to maintain them competitive with no sticking for the FOTM is often a challenge! But via a large number of hours of experimentation I’ve identified a totem construct that does not must sacrifice survivability in favor of crit to scale into late game like most totem builds (and no this is not pizza sticks). As an alternative we abuse the superb mechanic identified as “overlap” which will be explained as we delve deeper into the depths of this guide, take pleasure in!
Create Pros:
+ Pretty tanky via leech
+ five.5k MINIMUM well being with a Tabula/SotL
+ Extremely price range
+ Simple to play
+ Totems taunt
+ Immune to reflect
+ Can run Every single map mod
+ Solo Self Discovered viable
+ HC secure!
Construct Cons:
– Is not going to “melt” bosses
– Totems aren’t for everybody (passive playstyle)
– Uber lab expected for leech (may possibly struggle previous T11 without the need of it)
– Hard to four or 5 crucial Uber Lab on account of totems melting the whole screen
– Persons will ask why you aren’t just playing Warchief totems
– Not Shaper viable

Develop hyperlinks :


Top# 4: Yokohama’s Ascendant [Chieftain] Sire of Shards Fireball Totems
Because the release of Atlas of Worlds, Fireball got a huge 50% additional dmg multiplier on level 20, generally it really is viable proper from the beginning. Individuals might have found enjoy into Flameblast Totems, but Imo Sire of Shards-Fireball has superior clear speed because it scales from a lot more sources rather than just from AOE (Spell, Fire, Projectile, AoE). It has also built in chance to ignite, which does not sound that valuable, but is awesome for Chieftain. I tried some other spells also, like Magma orb and Flame Totem, but decided to stick with Fireball, for the reason that it has essentially the most satisfying clearspeed imo (Magma Orb is really clunky, can deal often with mobs genuinely speedy, other times it is really slow, Flame Totem just isn’t suited for this build, for the reason that it is not aoe primarily based, but I get the idea why persons liking it a lot, nonetheless not my cup of tea to devote lots of dex simply to make more rapidly projectiles function).
Make Pros:
-Damage scales truly well into late game (even with 5L without having fire pen)
-good clear speed
-HC viable due to Tankyness (playing in SC myself although)
budget friendly (most products self-found/cheap)
-Blood Magic with plenty of regen (you can run with no, but would have to have an further mana flask)
-Immune to reflect
-Pretty secure against Detonate Dead (only with Pyre)
-can actually play all map mods
Make Cons:
-…except some crazy shit like 174% quantity with crit, ask/cast speed, temp chains… you are going to get the idea
-chain mod will be the hardest to run, but nonetheless viable
-no regen maps also doable, but not preferable in high tier maps
-lacks a bit mobility with only flame dash and a single quicksilver flask
-Uber Lab is really a bit tough at first try, afterwards farmable, but…
-…Cannot farm Uber lab properly (4 key runs pretty much impossible, because of to a great deal AoE)
-slow at Lvling until you get your Sire of Shards equipped (Lvling as melee to this point is preferred and transition functions nicely, given that most early nodes added benefits each caster and melee at the same time)

Develop links:


More Totem Raiders see Poe 3.3 Templar Hierophant League Starter Builds