Bestiary Mechanics Improvements Ideas In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, I have some interesting ideas on bestiary mechanics, I want to share with most players.If you have any different opinions, welcome any suggestions and comments.

Enable Autocapture GGG is rightfully reluctant to enable auto anything. I dislike the idea of autocollecting items for example, keeping an eye on poe items for trade. In case of bestiary however, I feel something akin to autocapturing should be implemented.

Path of Exile

Make yellow & red monsters harder and rarer. Upon killing a yellow or red beast, Einhar does not spawn. Upon killing a yellow or red beast, a short animation is played (think of something like Einhar’s blood ball thingy that is typically played after capturing a beast).

Upon completion of said animation, drop a bestiary orb containing the killed beast. All non rare beasts are not collected on kill and do not drop bestiary orbs.

This way, there is still a (smaller) need for players to spent their precious clearing time on collecting beasts. A player that is interested in using the beast to craft will have to wait for a short amount of time and actually collect the orb. I feel that this balances the ease of not having to use nets.

About those Nets With autocapture enabled, there is no real need to carry around nets. Unless if capturing other regular or unique beasts using nets is needed to unlock certain recipe tiers. since capturing non rare beasts does not drop a bestiary orb, using nets only has one purpose: advancing your beastcrafting capabilities.

Example: To use XX crafting recipes you need to capture at least x out of y beasts from “the deep”.Example: Next recipe tier unlocked when you capture x out of y beasts. Capturing a beast using a net does not spawn Einhar. Capturing a beast using a net has a small chance to drop a “spirit fragment” (or something else like atziri fragments).

This simplifies the somewhat heavy and imo intrusive nature of beastiary, and allows for it to be better integrated. reducing the ammount of net drops and making them a bit more pricey makes sense. Make Einhar appear in the Southern Forest or something (akin to how Navali appears after the climb) from which point onward he sells nets in town.

Drastically Reduce the Amount of Recipes Imo there should be less, but much more meaningful recipes. They are layered into tiers of power which are accesible by adding beasts to your PoeDex. (see point above). I am certain that other people could come up with great ways to balance this, I cannot.Only a maximum of three ingredients are needed to beast craft.

No need for the menagery The menagery is no longer accessible from the waypoint UI – it is instead only accessible by putting a “spirit fragment” into to the map device, along with beastiary orbs partaining to your recipe of choice.

A minimum of 1 orb must be added to the map device along with the mandatory “spirit fragment”. A maximum of 3 orb can be added to the map device along with the mandatory “spirit fragment”. Keeping an eye on poe currency trade, you will get more gains.