PoE: Zana Should Sell Horizon Orbs Instead Of Chisels

In Path of Exile, I have a thought that since Zana is supposed to help you map. Also it would bring back Horizons which is what most people loved about Harbinger. Make them a chance for her to sell them and have it a low amount or something. I just feel it’d be super nice to be able to use them again and she’s the perfect vehicle for them.

Path of Exile

I also read some thoughts form other players:

1. I assume you’re also using a 1.2 attack speed weapon with no attack speed nodes on your tree and no attack speed mods on your gear, which makes torture chamber the best map to farm with your character.

2. It’d be nice if both horizons and harb orbs were treated as zana shop uniques. Like, 1 in 4 chance for zana to sell one daily.

3. Is that why they made adjacent maps on the atlas have a 50% higher chance to drop than before? I don’t think they mind it now and they certainly didn’t mind it when they gave us the orb of horizon in the harbinger league in the first place.

4. Let’s be honest, though. Most people would sell their harbinger orbs for the same reason that most people sell their exalts: they’re stupidly strong, so they gotta be rare.

5. You can just sell whatever map you plan to hit with the orb, buy a new one and it still ends up being cheaper than using a horizon orb to try to get the map you want. No idea why people are claiming they are powerful, they’re only convenient.

6. All in all I think the only change that may be required is that maps can drop from from any source once the adjacent ones are completed. None of this RNG play one map to hopefully drop the adjacent map. Natural tier progression.

Finally, good luck to you, we will update the news about Path of Exile in real time.