The Elder Scrolls Online December Achievements

The ESO-GOLD gives you a digest of the December news about The Elder Scrolls Online.

Like previous years, the month of December 2017 proved to be chick in news, but some news and events are worthy of interest.


For starters, after the trial offer offered to XBox One players last month, PC, Mac and PS4 gamers were also eligible for a free trial week.

In addition, another event related to # 10MillionStories took place during the same week, open to players participating in the trial offer as well as others, who offered bonus rewards by completing a random dungeon, plus an additional chance for the draw linked to this event (7 bonus chances maximum).

But the major news is the letter from Matt Firor, who reviews the results of TESO, additions to the game during the year 2017, and gives some information on the content of the first update of 2018.

The New Life Festival is also making a comeback in Tamriel, even though it offers few new rewards and no new activity.

On the other hand, many sales have been put in place, either on the price of the game or the packs of crowns; these balances were accompanied by a second opportunity to get the Nix-Ox mount for free for buyers of Morrowind who did not benefit from the first offer.

On the community side, an ESOLive took place on December 8th, 2017 at 9pm, centered around the theme of parties.

The results of the recent Fan Art Contest, also on the theme of parties, have been announced, and the winners and favorites have seen their works published on the official website.

And, still on the same subject, some of the most beautiful decorations placed by the players were presented, in photo or video.

2 players were interviewed, one for his creations of statuettes around the game, and the other thanks to his talents for cosplay.

The November 2017 community guide has also been published.

Finally, as every month, the novelties of the Crown Store were presented; some items removed from the store accompany the new season (which are all present for a limited time).