Best Class Of Each TESO Race Is Different

With this review of the best class of The Elder Scrolls Online in each race you will know where to start your new game.

In addition to its high dose of replayability, the online version of Skyrim also offers many possibilities in terms of creating a class and its build. It is not the same to try to be a tank with a High elf than with a Khajiit, that’s why today we discover what is the best class of The Elder Scrolls Online for each race.

Tanks, dps wizards, healers, templars, dragon knights and much more, each of these classes has a race to squeeze its potential. Find out what is in this quick guide that will help you start the game as it should.


Race for Tank and Knight

If you are interested in having a better tank of The Elder Scrolls Online, it is best to do it as Imperial, Northern, Breton, Red Guard or Orc, thanks to its strength or to passive ones such as self-healing or greater resistance.

To have the best class of The Elder Scrolls Online among the Dragon Knights, bet on an imperial, a northern or an orc (boost of stamina). You have to keep in mind what you want to improve because there is no better Dragonknight, but several of the best.

With respect to the Nightblade, this way you will get the best class of The Elder Scrolls Online: try the Khajiit for the boost of stamina, and for the elves of the forest for the same thing of the same. On each side you have other advantages, but in regard to this class the boost is similar.

Race for Mages

If you want your dps Mage to be the best Elder Scrolls Online class in that category, you should bet on these breeds: Breton, Altmer or Dunmer, especially the latter for the boost in fire damage. For the Sorcerer, bet on the high elves and the red guards for their boost in magic and energy respectively.

The best class of The Elder Scrolls Online that you will have if you want to be a healer is through the Bretons, the Argonians, the Altmer and the Dunmer. After this we only have to review the most recommended races for the Templar build, are the following.

Bet on a Breton or a high elf if you want your templar to be a healer, for a high elf if you want him to be DPS or for a Red Guard or an Imperial if you want to stand out in stamina. Through these recommendations you will have the best class of The Elder Scrolls Online, accompanied by the best race to have it.

Try Combinations

The good thing about our guide to the best class of The Elder Scrolls Online based on race is that, as you can see, there are a lot of combinations depending on where you want to stand out. Find out which ones you want your strengths to be and make a build accordingly.