Download The Latest Patch 3.2.11 In The Elder Scrolls Online

The new 127M ESO patch is available in PC and Mac. The patch fixes long loading screens in Cyrodiil and several gameplay including Teleport Strike rooting you in place.


Asylum Sanctorium Trial

Fixed an issue where Saint Felms would not consistently attack you, or would occasionally not have his weapons.


Draugr Dilemma: Narsis Dren will now consistently begin his scene in the treasure vault.


Teleport Strike: Fixed an issue where you would be rooted in place while casting this ability or its morphs.

Shadow Image (Summon Shade morph): Fixed an issue where you could not teleport to your shade if it was out of your line of sight
Known Issue: Teleporting to your shade will temporarily cause you to lose some character functionality, such as the ability to mount or interact with objects. We plan to fix this in a future patch, but in the meantime, you can swap weapons or reload as a temporary workaround.

Item Sets

Roar of Alkosh: Fixed an issue where the Minor Slayer buff granted by this item set’s 3-piece bonus was not functioning.


The flame effects now display properly on the Flame Atronach Guar mount after you upgrade your mount speed.


Fixed an issue that was causing some players to see an incorrect error that someone in their group did not have a DLC when queuing for random dungeons.


Fixed an issue where you could get a long loading screen after attempting to resurrect in Cyrodiil.

Fighters Guild

Sees-All-Colors will once again appropriately accompany you to the Centurion’s chamber. You will also no longer see duplicate Sees-All-Colors; there is only one that can see all colors.

Main Quest

Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: Fixed an issue where you could be prevented from escaping the Wailing Prison.


Scion of the Blood Matron: You will no longer receive the Vampire skill line if you choose to get cured.


Hircine’s Gift: You will no longer receive the Werewolf skill line if you choose to get cured.