The Elder Scrolls Online Has Mayim Bialik Joining The Game

The Elder Scrolls Online is also popular with celebrities. Most recently, serial star Mayim Bialik, better known as Amy from The Big Bang Theory, tried on ESO and created a Khajiit heroine.

If you hang around more often in The Elder Scrolls Online, it’s a good idea to meet a khajiit called Lilith Meowstein. Behind it is the actress Mayim Bialik. She plays drama in the comedy series The Big Bang Theory. Amy Farrah Fowler, a cranky neurobiologist and friend of the even stranger Dr. Sheldon Cooper.


Which race is least pursued here?

In Real Life, Mayim Bialik recently launched a YouTube series called “Mayim Tries”, in which she wants to try out various games. It starts here with The Elder Scrolls Online. Mayim starts here with the character creation (which she calls “roll-up” in the sense of her D & D past) and rummages through the many menus without a plan.

It also shows typical Amy characteristics in her, for example, when she sees the word “bonuses” in the menu and immediately notes analytically-cool “I think the correct plural is bonuses!”. Besides, she finds it very hard to decide on anything. Alone the choice of sex is not easy.

The race becomes even more complicated: “Which race is least pursued here?” According to their cameraman, the Dark Elves are the most persecuted. They do not like Mayim anyway. Just as the Imperialists, “Why should I play a standard man, I am every day!” But you like all the more the kittenish Khajiit, who can prevail just before the Argonian Lizardmen.

“Oh, she’s furry!”

All the fun goes on as Mayim discovers the body adaptation menu in ESO. There you can adjust almost every detail and Mayim is quite surprised, when she sees the furry body of her cat woman for the first time in full glory!

After that, she still plays with the sliders and enjoys how fat or dry you can make heroes in ESO. It takes more than 5 minutes in which Mayim tries out all sorts of sliders and options until at some point a gold-spotted khajiit with braid and eye patch is ready.

Only one name is missing “Golden Meower” is rejected as well as “Mayim”. In the end, Mayim decides to give the Khajiit a “strong, feminine name” and calls the cat “Lilith Meowstein”.

Then she starts the tutorial and what she experiences there will probably be the subject of further episodes of “Mayim Tries”. We have the funny video embedded here for you. Have fun!