The Elder Scrolls Online – The Addition Of Clockwork City Came On PC

DLC Clockwork City for The Elder Scrolls Online is now available on PC. This new DLC is available for free to ESO Plus members, and you can also buy crowns at Crown Store in the game. Upgrading the basic version of the game, included in the 16th update will be free for all players.


If you play the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, wait patiently – you will hit the mechanical land on November 7th.

With DLC Clockwork City you will discover a whole new zone and explore the deadly mystery of Sotha Sil’s mechanical kingdom. Fight with two dangerous world bosses, explore new dungeons and complete the day’s tasks to gain a number of unique rewards.

Do you feel like a challenge yet? The Asylum Sanctorium is a brand new Trial for 12 players with unique variation – you decide what to look for. The best and most powerful rewards will be given to the players who face the biggest challenge, so it’s up to you to decide how to fight the failed Sotha Sil’s.

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