What Happened In Elder Scrolls Online On April

The month of April was full of news. Of course, most are in line with those of Mars by presenting in more detail certain aspects of Morrowind, and especially the guardian, the new class that will be added with the next extension of TESO.

In particular, a presentation of the class was published. First, in general, explaining the main roles of the custodian and giving some examples of skills. Skills that have been revealed in more detail (as well as the possible evolutions of each of these) for the 3 trees. The whole being accompanied by a video allowing to discover some landscapes of Vvardenfell as well as several sequences of gameplay of this new class.


Of course, as with every major addition, a beta will take place, except that it will take place in a slightly different way, being only (initially at least) accessible by invitation. At the same time, a new advantage has been announced for ESO subscribers, namely the increase in bank space (and possibly inventory), as announced in this news.

Since the beta has started recently, it is now possible to discover the patches notes of the PTS. Beware, most of the information, as well as screenshots and videos, from the PTS and private forums are under NDA (which basically forbids talking about or revealing them in public).

But the game has not stood still! Indeed, the third anniversary of TESO was celebrated, offering additional rewards for daily quests, and an XP bonus.

It was also offered to potential new players the opportunity to discover the game via a week of free access, all platforms combined, with balances on the game, packs of crowns and various articles in the shop in game on the same period.

Live servers also received two incremental updates, on PC and Mac; You will find the dedicated release notes in this post.

Concerning the future of the game, possible additions to the battlefields could be discovered via data mining, as indicated in this topic.

On the community side, a new ESOLive took place.

Finally, as every month, the additions to the crown shop were presented in detail.

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