Crowfall – Familiarity with the skills archetype Duelist

– It’s a guinea pig, which is used as a weapon and a pistol rapier. – For skills melee and ranged one branch involved. – Duelist’a Resources are called pips (in other words, fighting points). They are generated when you use a basic attack or a shot from a pistol. The maximum possible score of 5 points.

– All skills, using pips, require a minimum of 1 point. – When you activate the ability, using pips, all points will be spent. And the more points will be involved, the more damage you will deal.

– Vanish. Skill does not use resources. If you activate it, the character out of combat mode and go into Stealth mode (hide in the hole). In addition, you leave behind a barrel of dynamite, which will explode after a few seconds (the enemies will get damaged and departure).

– If you are overturned, the ability to Retaliate allows you to quickly get back on their feet. You also cause damage to enemies nearby.

– Resourceful. For each pip spent you get a 20% chance to instantly regain 1 pip. That is, if you spend 5 pips, then you are guaranteed to give 1 pip. – Sprint (technically too passive skill) – hold down the Shift button and you will run 30% faster. Naturally, Sprint will spend your endurance.

– Have your basic attack (left mouse button) have a chance to instantly restore the ability Flintlock Shot. We are talking about a pullback.

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