The Reasons You Should Buy This Year’s NBA 2K17 Game

What move senior players is that few video games can capture hearts and controllers quite like 2K Game’s NBA 2K series.

Fresh off a pretty big win with the Pro-AM updates and Spike Lee infused story from NBA 2K16, video game publisher 2K Games and developer Visual Concepts are gearing up for the next major release of their basketball franchise.

The sports franchise that focuses on stars of the National Basketball League is a big event in its own right.

When stats and ranking change in NBA 2K it’s big news. When a year of new upgrades allows players to do things that they wished they could with real teams, it’s important. NBA 2K17 is so anticipated that being on just one of its many covers is a huge moment in an NBA player’s career. Basketball fans want NBA 2K17, but they’re waiting to hear more news of more NBA 2K17 features.

NBA 2K17

Just before the hot summer days change to not-quite-as-long fall evenings every year, 2K Games unleashes a new edition of NBA 2K. This year’s NBA 2K17 has the things lovers of the franchise crave. There’s more customization in a few of its game modes. One important feature finally makes it possible to grow the base NBA league’s roster of teams. MyGM upgrades add even more to the business-like, management simulation portion of NBA 2K. MyTeam cards have gotten updates. Rosters from some of the basketball’s proudest moments are included with every copy.

NBA 2K17 release date is September 20th. These are the reasons you’ll want to buy NBA 2K17, if you were already interested in it or just considering purchasing the basketball simulation for the first time.

NBA 2K17 Features: Guest Teams

Everyone loves the league’s most iconic teams but getting them into NBA 2K wasn’t easy. The game’s rosters stay in sync with the real league’s roster. Unless 2K Games adds them, there’s no way you’re getting your hands on the classic Chicago Bulls line-up.

NBA 2K17

The NBA 2K17 features list includes a few team rosters that lovers of the game will already be familiar with. The entire team for the 1992 USA Basketball Men’s National Team is getting treated as downloadable content. Those that pre-order the game get the team roster at no additional charge. Also known as the Dream Team, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and Christian Laettner are included. The latter two haven’t been available in a NBA 2K game before.

Players don’t have to use the Dream Team if they don’t want to. The 2016 USA Basketball Men’s Team is available, along with the Australian Boomers, developer Visual Concepts confirms.

NBA 2K17 Features: MyTeam Cards

MyTeam Cards

NBA 2K17 on Facebook revealed three new classic MyTeam Cards for those that pre-order the game before it’s released. They feature Kobe Bryant, Paul George – this year’s cover athlete – and Michael Jordan.

NBA 2K17 Features: MyLeague Expansions

Both MyLeague and MyGM are getting pretty big feature additions with NBA 2K17. Though both are all about creating a league and a team that’s fully about your individual taste, neither allowed players to expand.

NBA 2K17

League Expansion allows NBA 2K17 players to go from a League consisting of 30 teams to up to 36. Those teams can be based on classic teams that the player is familiar with or teams that have had their names changed and moved cities. As users increase the size of their league, the game automatically aligns the necessary team divisions. Euroleague is included in this. Draft lotteries and schedule alignments kick-in when an expansion team is created in the off-season.

Players get to create everything from the logos to the jerseys that Expansion teams have. Through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, players can share their Expansion team creations, though the game has its own set for those in a hurry.

NBA 2K17 Features: What We’re Waiting to Hear About Next

Despite being very close to release, Visual Concepts and 2K Games are sticking to a slow release cycle for NBA 2K17 features. Besides the League Expansion system for MyGM and MyLeague, the two haven’t talked about other parts of the game.

Last year, MyCareer provided a huge reason for users to purchase the game. Visual Concepts and 2K worked with film legend Spike Lee to create a new MyCareer Mode that focused on a player’s rise from grade school athlete to NBA legend. We’re pretty sure that NBA 2K17 will feature a story mode, as the feature is a pretty integral part of the game experience. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything about it since the game was announced.

The two will have to pull off the same feat they do every year. They have to convince hardcore fans that this year’s NBA 2K17 has the features that they’ve wanted ever since they picked up last year’s edition of the game.

2K Games and Visual Concepts should have a lot more to say about NBA 2K17 features and enhancements over the next month. Can these features convince you to buy 2K17? Of course, if you are looking forward to other new features, just waiting for it. It won’t let you down.