CONCACAF FIFA 15 players are full of confidence with Munich Grand Final

EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 players from the CONCACAF region told UTfifa15coins that they would have a seat for the Munich Grand Final, before Online Season 5 of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015, which shows their all confidence.

The winners
Team_Quetzal from Mexico and USA-_-SICILY from the United States topped the Season 5 leaderboard, earning themselves a place amongst the Grand Finalists for the 2015 edition of the world’s largest gaming tournament. USA-_-SICILY is no stranger to the tournament, having competed at three Grand Finals to date and finishing in fourth place at FIWC 2012 in Dubai. The Italian-American gamer is counting on his familiarity with the tournament to make him a contender in Munich. “I think it takes experience to win the Grand Final,” he told UTfifa15coins. “In my opinion, I think that I will win this year’s Grand Final.”

Tournament history
To date, only one American has ever won the FIWC title (Nenad Stojkovic in 2010), while USA gamers have also finished with silver medals in 2004 and 2008. Mexico has claimed silver once, but never gold at the Grand Final. Will 2015 be the year that we see another CONCACAF player crowned as world champion? We’ll find out from 17-19 May, the official dates for the FIWC 2015 Grand Final in Munich.

FIFA 15 players, Munich Grand Final

The numbers
Gamers from South Africa enjoyed some statistical success in Online Season 5, leading the highest Average Goals Per Player ratio and also the Most Active Country standings. Almost four million goals were scored from some nine million shots on goal in Season 5. Iran claimed the highest goal success ratio of all competing countries and Wales walked away with the highest percentage of fouls for Season 5.

Host country Live event coming soon
The third and final live qualification event for FIWC 2015 takes place later this month in Germany! One lucky German gamer will win the right to represent their nation on home soil at the Grand Final. We’ll be making a big announcement about our Munich event soon! Follow the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook to find out more.

Last chance to qualify! Do you plan to make it to Munich? You still have time to qualify!

Get your 90 games in before the end of the month and you could win one of the last available seats at the FIWC 2015 Grand Final!