The verdict of FIFA 15 is not as good as you expect

Despite being the biggest selling game in the UK last year, the response to FIFA 15 that we can  buy some cheap FIFA 15 coins to to take part in this week’s WeView was much less than that of Destiny, with only several responses to choose from.

The verdict? It’s not as good as you expect, it seems that many people were underwhelmed by the offerings of this year’s instalment in the football series, so let’s get on with it.


FIFA Pro Clubs – absent from the last generation versions – was the only redeeming factor for JustTaylorNow: “it’s not perfect but it’s brilliant, it keeps me coming back.” Taylor didn’t see any improvements over FIFA 14 though, with some glaring issues returning.

BrendanCalls simply stated “If you want a football simulator by PES, if you want a fun football game buy FIFA”, a statement which was echoed in other comments. Psychobudgie even called PES a “fun and an excellent approximation of the game” in comparison to FIFA.

Cam_manutd was very disappointed with the game: “It is a lazy effort from EA in which their solid foundations built with Fifa 09 are starting to wane. Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team remain to be among the best football modes out there. But for single minded players, Fifa is severely lacking.”